Esculin Hydrate

Esculin Hydrate

Name: Esculin Hydrate Powder
CAS: 531-75-9
EINECS: 208-517-5
MOQ: 1Kg
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Product Introduction

Esculin Hydrate ( Aescculin )is a saponin extracted from the dried seeds of Horse Chestnut Tree. It is also known as Esculin, Aescin, and Rosskastanie. Escin acts as an astringent, vasoconstrictor, and anti-inflammatory activities. It is commonly used in skin treatments, especially those targeted towards spider veins and varicose veins.


Esculin helps to boost circulation and improve vein health. Horse chestnut seed extract is widely used in Europe for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a syndrome that may include leg swelling, varicose veins, leg pain, itching, and skin ulcers.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Esculin Hydrate Powder
Molecular FormulaC15H16O9
Molecular Weight340.2821

Functions of Horse Chestnut Extract Powder:

1. Horse chestnut extract powder can improve red bloodshot: heptasaponin can maintain the health of blood vessels, increase blood circulation, reduce capillary infiltration, reduce red blood shot. It can also be useful for problems such as swelling of the eyes caused by poor vascular circulation.

2. Esculin powder can repair inflammation and promote wound healing: through active white blood cells, it can a

chieve the effect of eliminating edema, removing acne and repairing, and can also fight skin inflammation and promote wound healing.

3. Escin can fight aging: ginseng saponin contains the effect of fighting free radicals and oxidation, and it can effectively fight aging if used regularly

4. Improve the skin microcirculation: it can accelerate the self-repair of skin cells, improve the microcirculation and maintain the normal metabolism of cells.

horse chestnut extract

Applications of Horse Chestnut Extract Powder:

1.Applied in food field, it is added into kinds of beverage, liquor and foods as functional food additive.

2.Applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products to prevent chronic diseases or relief symptom of climacteric syndrome.

3. Esculin hydrate powder applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into the cosmetics with the function of delaying aging and compacting skin, thus make skin much smooth and delicate.

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