Beta Carotene Extract Powder

Beta Carotene Extract Powder

Name: beta Carotene
Specifications: 1%~10%
Color: Red
Appearance: Powder
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum, 1Kg/Aluminum Foil Bag
Function: Natural Pigment
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Product Introduction

We specialize in natural beta carotene extract powder. It has different specifications. It can do food, juice additives in food market. It is an orange-yellow fat-soluble compound, which is the most ubiquitous and stable natural pigment. Beta-carotene is one of a group of red, orange, and yellow pigments called carotenoids. Beta-carotene and other carotenoids provide approximately 50% of the vitamin A needed in the diet. It is very important in our human body.

It can be converted into vitamin A after ingestion of the digestive organs of the human body, is currently relatively safe product for vitamin A supplementation (simple supplementation of chemically synthesized vitamin A, if have too much dosage, it will cause poisoning).It keeps the eyes and skin healthy, improves night blindness and rough skin, and helps protect the body from free radicals.

In 1919 Steenkbock discovered beta-carotene may have vitamin A activity. In 1928, it was discovered that one molecule of beta-carotene can be converted into two molecules of vitamin A by enzymes in the body, and is the most abundant in food, so it is considered as the main source of vitamin A in the human body.


Basic Information:

Namebeta Carotene
FunctionNatural Pigment, Juice raw powder

beta carotene

Quality Standard:

Particle Size

≥60 Mesh



Beta Carotene






Total plate count


Yeasts & Moulds


Coli group


Pathogenic bacterium




The antioxidant properties of beta carotene extract powder are mainly scavenging free radicals. Its molecules contain multiple double bonds, It is easy to be oxidized when in the light, heat, oxygen. There by protecting the body from being destroyed. There are a lot of lipid peroxidation and free radical reactions in organisms, which lead to the decline of cell function, aging and the occurrence of diseases. The presence of -carotene can reduce lipid peroxidation. Therefore, the activity of carotenoids in scavenging free radicals and quenching singlet oxygen has attracted much attention.


●It can keep eyes and skin healthy and improve night blindness.

●Studies have shown that high doses of beta-carotene can reduce people's sensitivity to the sun, especially those with skin problems caused by exposure to the sun.


★Beta carotene, named after the Latin for carrot, it is an orange-yellow fat-soluble compound that is a precursor to vitamin A, it in abundance in plants and gives fruits and vegetables. It makes fruit and vegetables full color. Beta carotene is widely used in general foods and healthcare products due to its coloring, antioxidant and nutritional enhancement properties.

★It is a natural colorant.

★Nutrient supplements: Beta carotene extract powder is widely used in health food as the raw material of nutrient fortifier.


The product is stored in airtight packaging at low temperature and dry conditions for 24 months. Once opened, use it as soon as possible and keep it tightly closed to prevent the product from getting wet and affecting the use effect.

beta carotene