Acerola Cherry Extract Powder

Acerola Cherry Extract Powder

Name: Acerola cherry extract powder
Active Ingredient: Vitamin C
Specifications: 10:1, 17%, 25%
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Product Introduction


Acerola cherry extract powder often used in North America because of its high vitamin C content. Until the discovery of the camu-camu plant, the richest known natural source of vitamin C was the extract of the acerola fruit. Acerola fruit extract contains further substances like provitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, protein, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Through this unique combination acerolafruitextract is assumed to have a substantially greater anti-oxidative effect as well as bio availablity than that of synthetical vitamin C. Especially for people with allergies against citrus fruits, acerola fruit extract represents a true alternative.While changtai works for healthy,better life, so changtai is one of the manufacturer of acerola extract.  


●Application in Cosmetics:


Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract with the function of skin whitening, anti-aging.

Acerola first appeared in Japanese skin care products at least five years ago. 

Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract has the function of immune enhancing and also can help the growth and repair tissue,at the same time, it can protect against the harmful effects of pollution and help to prevent cancer and against infection.

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●Applied in Food Supplement:

Acerola cherry extract powder has been used to help diarrhea, dysentery, and liver issues, as well as combat free radicals and strengthen the immune system with its high levels of Vitamin C, and it also can be used as a nutritive because it contains many other vitamins and minerals.