Pure Lycopene Powder and Dosage

2024-05-10 22:31:45

Scientific literature documents pure lycopene powder has antioxidant activity and its use in cancer prevention (breast and prostate), as well as its use in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

Dosage of the Lycopene

Lycopene administered as a pure compound has been studied in clinical trials at dosages of 7 to 75 mg/day. Lycopene is primarily available in capsule and softgel form, with dosage guidelines from manufacturers ranging from 10 to 30 mg taken twice daily with meals. Lycopene is also incorporated in multivitamin and multimineral products.


How to Use Lycopene?

●Eat for a long time;

●Cook it before you eat;

●Eat it with oils and fats foods;

●Eat it with the skin (tomato skins are high in lycopene).

Clinical trials of lycopene Powder:

★A diet containing 15mg of lycopene daily for 8 weeks has been shown to lower blood pressure and lipid peroxides markers in patients with grade 1 hypertension.  

★Tomato juice (containing 20.6mg lycopene), taken daily for 2 weeks, has anti-inflammatory effects (lower plasma CRP) and lower blood lipids.  It also acts as an antioxidant (lowering thiobarbital reactants in plasma and urine).

★Lycopene consumption of 7mg daily (natural or extracted) for 2 months improved endothelial function and reduced blood pressure in people with cardiovascular disease.

★A daily consumption of 300 grams of tomatoes can raise HDL, lower LDL and triglycerides.

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