Sophoricoside Extract

Sophoricoside Extract

Name: Sophoricoside Powder
CAS: 152-95-4
Specifications: 10%, 80%, 98%
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 100 Kg
Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Functions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
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Product Introduction

Sophoricoside Extract from sophora japonica, is an isoflavone Genistein glycoside, used in traditional Chinese medicine. We have rich experience and high tech to extract higher purity of sophoricoside powder. 

sophora japonica


1.Anti-fertility effect: a small amount of long-term use of genistein and sophoraside has a significant anti-fertility effect on female mice without affecting the mating rate and growth.

2.Toxic effect: Huaijiao extract can reduce the red blood cells of rabbits and guinea pigs, especially the effect of pods. The locust tree seed extract can agglutinate the red blood cells of rabbits, pigs and humans. The seeds, pods and pulp all contain anti-A, anti-B, and anti-H lectins; Chinese Sophora has the effect of promoting the transformation of lymphocytes.



1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be made into suppository, lotion, injection, tablets, capsules, etc. 

2.Applied in health product field, Sophoricoside Extract is mainly used in female health product and health medicine for delaying aging and preventing hematological disease and cancer.   

Package and Delivery

Package and Delivery:

●1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

●25Kg/paper drum.

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●We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss the date of delivery.

Our CompanyWe are professional commitment to the natural plant extract powder, research, development and sell in the whole market. Company is mainly engaged in grapefruit series products (naringin, pomelo, naringin dihydrogen chalcone), epimedium extract icariin 10%~98%,sophoricoside extract products (genistein, kaempferia and so on), and other active monomers (geranyl lignin,ursolic acid and shikimic acid) and so on. After 16 years of continuous development, our company has established a good brand image and corporate image in the field of plant extract production, accumulated rich experience in international trade and established a solid customer base and perfect marketing service network. We established good and stable relations of cooperation with the  natural medicine, food, health care products and cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical raw materials traders in United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Britain, Australia, Canada and so on more than 100 countries.

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Company has multiple departments such as market, research and development center. the company has a specialized technical team of research and development, as well as many sets of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave and other advanced detection, experiment, test equipment, and established good technology support relations with many research institutions, so has abundant technical force.  The company's production workshop has several plant extraction production lines, as well as dynamic counter-current extraction, column separation technology, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying technology, spray drying technology and other advanced production equipment, and has formed an annual output of 600 tons of plant extract production capacity, product specifications complete, and quality stability. Our company has an enterprise quality assurance system, implementation of strict quality control standards.

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