Pure Praziquantel Powder

Pure Praziquantel Powder

Name: Praziquantel
Form: Powder
Color: White
Purity: 99%+
CAS: 55268-74-1
MOQ: 25Kg Stock: 900 Kg
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Product Introduction

Prazi-Power provider and producer. Praziquantel powder is an anthelmintic for people and creatures, explicitly for the treatment of tapeworms and accidents. It is particularly compelling against schistosomiasis. It is protected product for treating fish lakes that dislike accidents and worms.

The product is on the WHO Model Rundown of Fundamental Meds and is one of the main medications for essential general wellbeing on the planet.

With appropriate dosage, the product for fish and human are safe. Please send inuqiry to Email: admin@chenlangbio.com if you need to buy the product. 

Physical Properties:

praziquantel powder:

Prazi Power Appearance: Light White Powder

●Density: 1.22 g/cm3

●Stability: Stable under normal temperature and pressure

●Solubility: Praziquantel powder is easily soluble in chloroform and dimethylsulfoxide, soluble in ethanol and very slightly soluble in water.

●MOQ: 25Kg/Paper drum

●Stock: 500 Kg

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Praziquantel Benefits:

It is an anthelmintic prescription used to treat parasitic diseases brought about by specific sorts of flatworms (helminths), including schistosomes and liver accidents. Here are the essential capabilities and utilizations of praziquantel powder:

Antiparasitic Action:

The product is successful against various parasitic worms, especially flatworms. It works by causing muscle fits and loss of motion in the parasites, prompting their possible demise.

Schistosomiasis Treatment:

Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease brought about by Schistosoma worms. It is the medication of decision for treating schistosomiasis. It is viable against grown-up types of the Schistosoma parasite.

Liver Fluke Infections:

It is additionally used to treat diseases brought about by liver accidents, like Clonorchis and Opisthorchis species. These parasites can taint the liver and bile conduits.

Cestode Infections:

The product is powerful against specific tapeworms (cestodes) that contaminate people, including Taenia species. It works by disturbing the honesty of the tapeworms' covering (external covering), prompting their ejection from the body.

Broad-Spectrum Activity:

While it is generally normally connected with the treatment of flatworm contaminations, it might have some movement against other parasitic worms also, widening its range of activity.


Praziquantel powder for fish is an expansive range hostile to parasitic medication.It is a drug regularly utilized in veterinary and human medication to treat parasitic diseases. It has a wide range of action against different parasites and offers a few significant applications:

Tapeworm Diseases: It is profoundly successful against tapeworm contaminations in the two creatures and people. It focuses on the tapeworm's sensory system, causing loss of motion and ensuing ejection from the body.

Accident Diseases: Accidents are a sort of parasitic flatworm that can taint people and creatures. It is generally used to treat accident diseases, like liver accident and lung accident contaminations, by killing the grown-up parasites.

Fish Parasite Control: It is often utilized in hydroponics and aquarium settings to control parasitic contaminations in fish. It is powerful against a scope of fish parasites, including gill and skin accidents, assisting with keeping up with the strength of fish populaces.

Echinococcus Contaminations: Echinococcus is a family of tapeworms that can cause serious medical conditions in people and creatures. It is utilized to treat echinococcosis, a condition described by the presence of sores in organs like the liver and lungs.

Cestode Contaminations: It is successful against different cestode diseases, including those brought about by species like Taenia and Diphyllobothrium. It upsets the cestode's respectability and restrains its capacity to ingest supplements, prompting the parasite's demise.

Parasite Control in Domesticated animals: Praziquantel powder is utilized in veterinary medication to control and treat parasitic contaminations in animals, including sheep, dairy cattle, and pigs. It safeguards creature wellbeing and further develop efficiency by lessening the weight of inside parasites.

Certificate of Analysis:











Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Product name:

Praziquantel Powder




USP 36

Batch Number:


Manu. Date:

08th,April, 2022

Batch Size:


Expiration Date:


Net Weight:


Report Date

04th,Dec, 2021

Storage Condition:

Preserve in tight, light resistant containers or bags.





Off white powder

Off white powder


Freely soluble in alcohol and in chloroform; very slightly soluble in water.


Melting Range







IR: Corresponding to Praziquantel CRS


B: the retention time of major peak of the sample solution corresponds to that of the standard solution, as obtained in the assay

Heavy Metals

<20 PPM

<20 PPM


No more than0.05%


Loss on Drying

No more than 0.5%


Residue on ignition

No more than 0.1%


Related Substances

Sum of impurity A and RRT 0.63 not more than 0.10%


Related Compound A: not more than 0.2%


Related Compound B: not more than 0.2%


Related Compound C: not more than 0.1%

No detected

Total Impurities: not more than 0.5%



98.5%~101.0%(dried basis)


Residual Solvents

Limit of Chloroform: NMT 60 ppm

NMT 60 ppm

Methylene Chloride NMT 600 PPM


Limit of Acetone: NMT 500 ppm

NMT 238 ppm


Conforms with USP 36

Customer Good Feedback:

Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder Dosage for Fish:

10g per 1000 Gallons or 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons. Can also be mixed with food. 

Package and Keep Pure Praziquantel Powder

■25 Kg/Paper drum, keep in cool dry place.

■We also can do Sub-pacakge according to your needs  such as 1Kg, 5Kg,