How Tranexamic Acid Inhibits Melanin

2024-06-06 23:17:33

What is Tranexamic Acid Powder?

Tranexamic acid powder (TXA) is a synthetic compound that belongs to the class of drugs known as antifibrinolytics. It is available in various forms, including as a powder, and it is used for several medical purposes.

It is a great topical ingredient that can improve uneven skin tone caused by a variety of causes. Research shows that the whitening effect of tranexamic acid at a concentration of 2% to 5% is comparable to that of hydroquinone, and it can also be used on chloasma that are difficult to eliminate.If you are using products containing hydroquinone (a prescription drug in Taiwan), you can use it together with tranexamic acid products, which may have a better whitening effect.Although hydroquinone is well tolerated when used as directed, comparative studies show that tranexamic acid is better tolerated than hydroquinone.


Are Tranexamic Acid Safe?

Studies have also shown that tranexamic acid is very safe and can be used daily for several months. When using it 1 to 2 times a day at a concentration between 2% and 5%, results will be seen in approximately 2 to 3 months. In fact, after 12 weeks of using broad-effect sunscreen products and daily use of tranexamic acid, 96% of experimental subjects saw significant lightening effects.

Tranexamic acid is a synthetic water-soluble ingredient and is a derivative of lysine. Tranexamic acid needs to be used with fat-soluble ingredients to achieve better bioavailability (absorption rate) on the skin. The main function of Tranexamic Acid on the skin is to improve the uneven skin tone on the skin's surface caused by sun damage. However, Tranexamic Acid can also improve uneven skin tone caused by other factors.

How Does Tranexamic Acid Work?

Tranexamic acid appears to have the ability to interact with an enzyme inside the skin called plasmin, which is the precursor to plasminogen. When exposed to radiation, cells on the surface of the skin develop excess fibrinolytic enzymes.Although it is not usually marked specifically, the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun or tanning beauty products are all types of radiation. Although it is not usually marked specifically, the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun or tanning beauty products are all types of radiation.

Advantages of Tranexamic Acid:

In addition to effectively improving uneven skin tone caused by sun exposure, it can also:

●It lightens the spots left by acne and pimples, and the effect seems to be better for people with darker skin tones.

●Effectively soothes redness.

●Reduces uneven skin tone caused by pregnancy.

●Targets several processes that cause uneven skin tone.

●Use with various whitening products.

Tranexamic Acid Q&A:

How often should Tranexamic Acid be used?

Adding this ingredient to your skin care routine is actually very simple and won't cause any burden.Regardless of your skin type, age or ethnicity, if you have uneven skin tone you can use this ingredient 1 to 2 times a day (if you want to see results faster, we recommend using it 2 times a day).When adding this ingredient to your skin care, the timing of use mainly depends on whether you want to target local spots or apply it directly to the entire face.

Will using tranexamic acid cause darkness?

Tranexamic acid powder is highly stable and not photosensitive. It will not cause darkening of the skin if used in the morning and evening. However, we recommend that you still need to do sun protection every day, because ultraviolet rays are the biggest culprit of skin damage. If you do not use sun protection, any maintenance will be difficult. It's all in vain.

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