Deoxyarbutin Powder Manufacturer

2024-05-12 18:07:16

We are deoxyarbutin powder manufacturer. It is a new generation of cosmetic brightening and whitening active agent, which is mainly used in high-grade whitening cosmetics. It can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, regulate melanin production, overcome pigmentation, lighten skin dark spots, and has a fast and long-lasting whitening effect.


Deoxyarbutin also has a strong antioxidant effect. The inhibitory effect of deoxyarbutin on tyrosinase is significantly better than other whitening active agents. The whitening effect is 350 times that of arbutin, 150 times that of kojic acid, and 10 times that of hydroquinone. Compared with the former, it is more secure. It is not only non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin, but also easy to be absorbed by the skin, a small amount of use can play whitening and brightening effect.

Is DeoxyArbutin Safe for Skin?

Yes, it is safe for skin. It is more stable and less cytotoxic and less irritating compared to the aforenamed actives. It is used as a skin lightening and deigmenting ingredient. It diminishes dark spots and clear up the complexion quickly with a longer-lasting effect.

How Many Dosage When use Deoxyarbutin Powder?

The recommended dosage in cosmetics is 0.1%-3%, PH 6-8.

Which Solvents is Deoxyarbutin Soluble?

Deoxyarbutin Powder Manufacturer is oil-soluble and easily oxidized when exposed to water. It can widely use in cosmetics such as cream, paste, etc.

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