Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Name: Hamamelis virginiana powder
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Product Introduction

What is Witch Hazel Hamamelis Virginiana Powder?

Hamamelis Virginiana extract (Witch Hazel) Water, hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf extract. This plant is from the family of Hamamelidaceae. It is a bush-like deciduous tree originally from Canada and the USA that is now cultivated in Europe.

This extract powder is commonly in our daily life especially for women. It's usually added to some cosmetics.  Its main nutritional value comes from its leaves and bark, after a certain artificial treatment, can be added to some cosmetics, to play a very good role for us.


Main Benefits:

●Hamamelis virginiana extract powder can be used to treat acne. Witch hazel is rich in tannins, a natural plant compound with powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect your skin against damage when applied topically. One animal study found that tannins can act as a barrier, preventing inflammation-causing substances from entering your skin cells.

●Clean and antioxidant:

It contains some ingredients such as flavonoids, which are great for cleaning and can also help us fight oxidation, which is basically higher than green tea and some of the extracts.

Facial cleanser contains hamamelis virginiana can effectively regulate and relax pores, purify pores, repair damaged skin, gently open facial pores, deeply clean skin, make skin smoother and more beautiful, presenting a delicate, smooth and tight state.

●Whitening and moisturizing:

It has good effect on regulate sebum secretion, moisturizing and whitening. It can promote lymphatic circulation, especially to overcome morning bladder and dark circles under the eyes.  It contains proanthocyanidins, which have relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and help reduce water loss.

●Delaying Skin Aging:

It can remove cell free radicals, reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to the skin, inhibit skin spots and wrinkles, keep the skin tender and tight, and delay aging.

●Soothing and calming:

Hamamelis virginiana extract can adjust a few secretion more exuberant sebum, prevent blain.  Witch hazel contains a special sensitive factor, which can reduce the instability of the skin, help skin restore calm, and have good effect on calming.

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