How Does Kava Kavalactone Powder Affect the Brain

2024-05-09 19:25:06

Kava kavalactone powder is very popular in healthcare products. Extract from the dry root of the Piper methysticum. We do this extract from the Fiji kava root and the Vanuatu kava root, the kavalactone purity can reach 30%, 50% and 70%.


Kava powder has effect on the brain because active ingredient kavalactone. This substance acts much like alcohol on the brain. In latest time, instant kava has received widespread attention for its relaxing and stress-reducing properties.

We all know that has big stress in the young people, many people want to enjoy life and gain relax after working. And at the same time, they want to this powder do not have bad effect on the body if they used in every day. Many medicine has this function that make people feel relax, but they may come with unwanted side effects and can be habit-forming. Many researchers found that kava powder can help decrease anxiety. This is safe and it is natural way to keep people feel relax. 

And most important is kava powder is no side effect on body, these effects are common with other drugs often used to treat anxiety.

Used kavalactone powder under the standard dosage, it is no bad effect on body, and no dangerous when you take every day.

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