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2024-05-12 21:04:19

Lupinus albus extract is a non-fragrant plant extract that serves as a beneficial source of fatty acids and antioxidants for skin. It is now permitted add in cosmetics products. Lupine is very suitable for all kinds of skin types.

What’s Lupinus Albus?

Lupine, also known as Lupine flower, is a plant of the genus Lupine in the family Fabaceae, native to western North America. Lupine likes a cool, sunny environment. It does not like heat, slightly tolerant to shade. It is understood that lupines are not only edible, but also very rich in nutritional value, including a lot of protein. Protein is a very important substance for our human body. If the human body lacks protein for a long time, it will cause edema, wrinkles, and decreased resistance; the body will loosen, especially the breasts of women will sag severely.


The protein in lupine is the material basis of life, an organic macromolecule, the basic organic matter that constitutes cells, and the main bearer of life activities. Without protein there is no life. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. That is to say, the protein in lupine is a substance closely related to life and various forms of life activities. Every cell and every major part of the body has proteins involved. In other words, the protein in lupine has a very close relationship with various physiological activities of our body. Protein accounts for 16%~20% of the body weight, that is, a 60kg adult has about 9.6~12kg of protein in his body. There are many types of proteins in the human body, with different properties and functions, but they are all composed of more than 20 amino acids in different proportions, and are constantly metabolized and renewed in the body. Therefore, it is very important for us to supplement protein in our daily life. When our body lacks protein, high-protein plants like lupine are particularly important for us.

Lupinus Albus Extract for Skin:

In addition to being a high-protein plant, lupine is actually a plant that has a very high efficacy and effect on skin care.

Lupines are native to Europe and California in North America. Its main component, small molecule glutamic acid peptide, is a natural barrier to strengthen skin toughness, while rebuilding and repairing damaged epidermis, it provides perfect moisturizing and regeneration effects for skin. It has a good restorative effect.


For example, the original solution of lupine is suitable for various skin types for skin care. Generally, people will make the original solution extracted from white lupine, EGF, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients into skin care products. The skin care products made from lupine extract can effectively promote the synthesis of skin protein, prevent water loss, strengthen the skin barrier, rebuild and repair damaged epidermis, prevent water loss, promote keratinocyte differentiation, and provide perfect Moisturizing and regenerative effects, strengthen the skin barrier function Triple moisturizing, has a good effect of repairing, replenishing water and promoting skin cell regeneration.

Lupine has a very powerful function of beautifying, which can enhance the elasticity and vitality of the skin. Regular use can make people young and beautiful.

Lupeol 8% and 98% are active ingredients of Lupinus Albus Extract powder.

Is lupeol good for skin?

Lupeol is already known as a compound stimulating skin cells proliferation and having influence on their migration, improving the damaged skin reconstruction. It modifies the refraction capacities of normal fibroblasts and increases isometric forces of fibroblasts from stretch marks.

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