Pure L Serine Powder

Pure L Serine Powder

Name: L-Serine
Appearance: Powder
Purity: >99%
CAS: 56-45-1
Stock: 1000 Kg MOQ: 25 Kg
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Product Introduction

Pure L Serine powder, also known as beta-hydroxyalanine, is a non-essential amino acid that plays a role in the metabolism of fats and fatty acids and the growth of muscles because it helps in the production of immune hemoglobin and antibodies and maintains a healthy immune system. Serine is also required.

L-Serine powder

L Serine can be obtained from soybeans, wine starters, dairy products, eggs, fish, milk albumin, pods, meat, nuts, seafood, seeds, whey, and whole wheat. If necessary, the body will synthesize serine from glycine.

It plays a role in the production and processing of cell membranes, the synthesis of muscle tissue and sheaths surrounding nerve cells.

Applications of the L Serine Powder:

●It is used as biochemical reagent and food additive;

●It is a nutritional supplement used in cosmetics as a skin nutritional additive;

●It can be used in biochemistry and nutrition research, and can also be used as the raw material of cycloserine synthesis.

●Pure L Serine powder has a wide range of uses in medicine. Serine promotes the metabolism of fats and fatty acids and helps maintain the immune system.