Aminophylline Anhydrous

Aminophylline Anhydrous

Name: Aminophylline Anhydrous Powder
CAS: 317-34-0
MOQ: 25Kg/Paper drum
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Product Introduction

Aminophylline anhydrous Introction

Aminophylline anhydrous is a methylxanthine and subordinate of theophylline. The product loosens up smooth muscles, especially bronchial muscles. This xanthine in all likelihood applies its impact by repressing cAMP or cGMP phosphodiesterases, consequently expanding levels of the subsequent courier cAMP or cGMP intracellularly. Other method of activities remember an adenosine hostile impact for the action of CD4 lymphocytes and middle person discharge from pole cells subsequently diminishing lung aversion to allergens and different substances that cause irritation. The product likewise goes about as a CNS energizer and applies a positive chronotropic and inotropic impact on the heart.

The product is a medication that has a spot with the class of methylxanthines. It is a blend of theophylline and ethylenediamine, which works on its dissolvability and constructs its feasibility in the body. It is basically used in the treatment of respiratory conditions, particularly asthma and steady obstructive pneumonic disorder (COPD).

The product works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the flight courses, in this way expanding the bronchial passages and working with more direct unwinding. It in like manner goes probably as a bronchodilator, and that suggests it helps with decreasing secondary effects, for instance, wheezing, shortness of breath, and hacking related with asthma and COPD.

Despite its bronchodilator influences, the product furthermore has catalyst properties that can update respiratory drive and animate the central tangible framework. It can help improve diaphragmatic contractility, increase respiratory muscle strength, and decrease weariness related with respiratory issues.

Plus, aminophylline anhydrous may moreover have relieving effects, which can add to the reduction of avionics course exacerbation and further foster lung ability.

The product is typically controlled through oral tablets or intravenous mixture under clinical watch. The portion and association routine shift dependent upon the particular's condition and response to treatment.

It is basic to observe that the product could have conceivable secondary effects, including nausea, hurling, shudders, and quick heartbeat. In this manner, it should simply be used under the heading of a clinical benefits capable who can screen its effects and change the estimation dependent upon the situation.

Production Introduction


Basic Information of C16H24N10O4 Powder

●Name: Aminophylline

●CAS: 317-34-0

●Molecular Formula: C16H24N10O4

●Molecular Weight: 420.42600


●Soluble: Water 

●EINECS: 206-254-5

●Stability: Stable at room temperature and pressure

●Test Way: HPLC


Aminophylline anhydrous affects bronchial smooth muscle, which can make bronchial expansion and lung limit increment, and the impact is somewhat enduring, particularly for bronchial fit;

★Likewise the product actually has widening coronary vein, increment myocardial blood supply, fortify the job of cardiovascular contractility;

★It is primarily utilized for emphysema in ponies and dairy cattle, as well with respect to alleviating pneumonic blockage (cardiovascular wheezing) asthma brought about by cardiovascular breakdown in canines.


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