Green Tea Extract EGCG Powder

Green Tea Extract EGCG Powder

Name: EGCG Powder
Other Name: Epigallocatechin gallate
CAS: 989-51-5
Specifications: 98%
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Paper drum
Stock: 500 Kg
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Product Introduction

We are big EGCG Powder supplier and manufacturer. Green tea extract EGCG powder is the main content of the tea polyphenol. It gets a lot of attention for its potential positive impact on health. It’s thought to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, antibacterial and antiviraland, helps prevent heart and brain disease, anti-cancer and so on. We can find EGCG in different kinds of foods, such as green, white, oolong, and black teas, and some fruits (cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, cherries, pears, peaches, apples, and avocados). But mainly do extract from the green tea, it is a unique catechin in tea, and its amount is the highest, accounting for 40% ~ 50% of tea polyphenol products.

Why Choose Our Company?

★Our company has successively passed BRC system certification, cGMP system certification, national laboratory (CNAS) certification,ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001 and so on;

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★We are high-tech enterprise that uses agricultural products as raw materials to extract effective components of natural plants. The main markets are Europe, America, Australia, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other Asian and African countries and regions;

★The daily processing capacity of plant extract processing production line can reach 600 tons;

★We have a high-quality testing personnel team, advanced testing instruments, and a complete quality testing system;

★Quick delivery Time: Common we send the goods within 2~3 working days, we can discuss the delivery time according to products.

Basic Information:


Epigallocatechin gallate



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Test Method



More than 98%


Epigallocatechin Gallate Benefits:

●Many people in daily life like to drink black tea, this is a very good habit, according to this kind of method intake of appropriate catechin, it can conducive to physical health. Researchers found that in this way can prevent cancer. EGCG has very strong antioxidant activity, which is at least 100 times more active than vitamin C.


●It can protect heart health:

According to a new study that molecules in green tea may help prevent atherosclerosis, it is a common cause of heart attacks and strokes. Green tea extract EGCG powder reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and the accumulation of plaque in blood vessels — all major risk factors for heart disease.

It also has good effect way on weight loss. No matter there are not be confirmed by researchers, but many people noted that drink green tea every day can help them lower body fat, and control weight.


●It also has good effect way on weight loss. No matter there are not be confirmed by researchers, but many people noted that drink green tea every day can help them lower body fat, and control weight.

Epigallocatechin Gallate for Skin:

●At room temperature, low-concentration EGCG has strong anti-oxidation, elimination of free radicals, sterilization and deodorization functions, so adding a small amount of EGCG can prevent the deterioration of cosmetics.

●As a natural biochemical raw material for cosmetics, EGCG has the following characteristics compared with other biochemical raw materials:

Small molecular weight, easily absorbed by human skin, has good transdermal absorption performance;

●The activity is extremely stable, and the change of temperature has little effect on its activity. Under acidic and light-blocking conditions, the activity remains unchanged for a long time;

●Safe and reliable, tested by relevant professional institutions, its toxicological determination and micronucleus test show that it is a non-toxic and non-irritating substance, which meets the quality standards of daily chemical products;

●The dosage is small and the effect is strong; it has strong antioxidant activity, and its antioxidant capacity is 2-4 times that of DHA and BHT, and it is effective at low concentrations.

Main Functions in Cosmetics:

★Anti-wrinkle and beauty;


★Detoxification of heavy metals;

★Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect;

★Promote skin microcirculation;

★Green Tea Extract EGCG Powder can eliminate skin freckles, macula, make skin smooth.

Certificate of Analysis


Package and Delivery:

1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

25Kg/paper drum.


We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss the date of delivery.