Where to Buy Hops Extract Xanthohumol

2024-04-24 22:53:05


Hops extract xanthohumol is more popular in modern medicine. We are researching and manufacturer this new plant extract. We have the new way to test active ingredient xanthohumol in hops extract powder.

Now we have many purity of xanthohumol, from 1~98%. It is green yellow powder to white powder. Use the identification method Mass, NMR, analytical method HPLC-DAD to test the Xanthohumol.

It is Isopentene flavonoid compounds powder, hops extract xanthohumol 3%, it is very popular in the market, we always test the purity of xanthohumol in hos extract, but this time, our technicist test the general flavones in xanthohumol 3% can reach more than 10%. It makes us very surprised, it is the new step of our manufacturer. If you order Xanthohumol 3% from us it means you also can get the hops flavones 10%. It is very competitive.

Scientists have found that xanthohumol have good effect on anti-cancer. It used to make many kinds of healthcare products, medicine in whole market.

If you want to know more information about the hops extract xanthohumol, please feel free contact me. we can supply all different specifications of xanthohumol, COA and chromatogram.

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