What is Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract Used for

2024-05-07 18:05:16

Cnidium is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been used for thousands of years. Cnidium monnieri fruit extract powder also popular in the market especially in the US market. Active ingredient in cnidium is osthole. We do that in different specifications, from 10%~98%. We use HPLC test way to test the purity of osthole. Many manufacturers use this powder in cosmetics field, and healthcare products.


Do you know why people called this plant cnidium monnieri? 

In ancient times, there was a village in the central plains. The people in the village worked hard at farming and were self-sufficient. But one day, suddenly popular a kind of strange disease, the patient's whole body has long goose bumps, very itchy, they do not prevent that, even if hurt their skin. Doctor do not how to do that. One day a old monk visit this village after he head this bad news. He told the people there is a kind of plant in islet that can cure this disease, but the viper like this plant, also sleep in the bottom of this plant, so it is very dangerous to get this plant. But people want to try it, hope use this plant to cure their disease. Young people get this plant after fight with viper. People boil it in water, and use the water to take shower, for one week, this disease has been cured. So people called this cnidium monnieri. In modern life, people research extract of it to make skin care products.

High purity of osthole used in cosmetics field, it has good effect on skin regeneration, anti-inflammation, anti-microbe and so on. It can cure skin miliaria, and this one do not has any hormone in it, so we do not worry have bad effect on skin, or we must rely on it after use one time. And at the same time, it can nourish skin.

What Other Functions of Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract Powder Osthole?

Anti-trichomonas effect:

In traditional Chinese medicine, doctor use cnidium monnieri to treat trichomonas vaginitis. Use this powder do suppository or lotion has good effect.

It can antifungal effect.

It can smooth wheezing role, improved pulmonary ventilation.

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