What is Sex Powder

2024-05-08 20:41:26

Natural “Viagra Powder”is very popular in the whole market, it has no bad effect on human body. Herbal medicine in China has long history. Many researchers always try it by themselves in order to confirm the effect of the herbal medicine. The three kinds of herbal extract powder has a strong effect, such as: epimedium extract powder, cistanche extract powder, yohimbine extract powder.


Epimedium extract powder is well known in our country. It is said that the epimedium was discovered during the northern and southern dynasties (618-907). Some shepherds found that the number of estrus increased significantly after the sheep ate a kind of grass, it is epimedium leaf, the male penis had a hard erection, and copulation with ewe increased and lasted longer, while eating other weeds did not find this function. Some Chinese medicine doctor gather gross in mountain, after overhearing the shepherd talk about this matter, through the field investigation, this kind of grass has been found that has the effect of aphrodisiac. We extract active ingredient icariin in epimedium leaf, this can add into healthcare additives for improving sex ability. Some people use epimedium leaf to make tea, it can improve body immunity, and after drink two days, you can feel hot of the whole body. If we use the extract powder, the effect will more obvious than tea.

The next one is yohimbine extract powder. This powder extracts from the bark, and we do the yohimbine 8% and 98%. The 98% is more quicker than 8%. And the price is also higher.

According to modern scientific research, cistanche can play a similar role to testosterone, promoting libido ability. Cistanche stimulates sperm production and semen secretion and promotes sexual desire by filling the seminal vesicle. Cistanche also shows overall physical strength. This herb inhibits gonadotropin-like (hormone-like) action and not affect the normal balance of testosterone of the body.

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