What is Epimedium Extract Powder

2024-05-07 22:58:23

Icariin comes from the overground part of epimdium koreanum or epimdium berberidaceae maxim. Epimedium extract powder is a traditional Chinese tonic herb. It can tonify kidney Yang, strengthen muscles and bones, dispel wind and dampness. Icariin is the main component of herba epimedium flavone extract and it is the main antioxidant active ingredient in herbal epimedium.


Biological Activity:

First, it can anti-cancer:

In latest days, many researcher found that it has good effect on anti-cancer. 

Epimedium and its main active components can enhance the anti-tumor immune response in different links and to different degrees, and achieve the purpose of anti-tumor by enhancing the activities of immune organs, immune cells and immune factors as well as antigenicity of tumor cells. At the same time, the drug and its main components by inducing cancer cell differentiation, apoptosis, inhibit cancer cell growth, invasion, metastasis and immunosuppressive factor (TGF - beta 2), inflammatory cytokines, such as tumors telomerase activity, thereby reversing the biological behavior of tumor cells, and has better curative effect mix with other medicine, it can enhance the antitumor activity of the drugs.


Regulate the immune system and improve immunity:

Modern immunopharmacology studies showed that icariin has obvious effect  on regulation of the body's immune system. It can improve the immune due to test the immunity levels of mice, its mechanism may be icariin can increase spleen cells in the spleen of absolute quantity and relative quantity, increase the number of the body's immune cells, and can stimulate the proliferation of bone marrow nucleated cells, thus play a role of immune regulation.In addition to the increase in the number of immune cells, the enhancement of immune cell activity is also of great significance of strength the body immunity system.

At the same time, it can bidirectional regulation of bone metabolism, and antiatherosclerosis.

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