What Is Difference Between Tranexamic Powder, Alpha Arbutin Powder and Nicotinamide

2024-05-07 18:32:35

There are many skin care and whitening products in market, each product has the ingredient of tranexamic powder, alpha arbutin powder and nicotinamide powder, each one has good effect on skin whitening, but why they are different? Which ingredient is the best, why different people use the same product has different results? Which powder do we choose is the best?

Skin darkening -- It is the process of oxidation:

Skin blackening is a very complex process, caused by endogenous melanin, which requires a series of oxidative reactions.From UV irradiation on skin keratinocytes, the secretion of α-MSH, to the production of melanin by tyrosine in melanocytes, to the transport of melanin to the stratum corneum and so on, the period is quite complex.


Skin whitening -- the process of reducing

The skin color of the person is determined by the gene, although use whitening product, have the maximum whitening limit. If want beautiful and white, there are two methods: One is reduce the influence of external factors namely sun block, the other is to reduce or block the generation of melanin.

Tranexamic Acid Powder:

The biggest use of tranexamic acid is as a hemostatic, and it is also the main ingredient of many whitening needles. The hospital dermatology department will also use tranexamic acid as an oral spot lightening product. The advantage is relatively mild, the disadvantage is that the effect of external use is far less good than the oral effect.

Nicotinamide Powder:


Whitening products bound It is a new star in whitening products bound. A lot of whitening products of the main whitening component is nicotinamide.The advantage is can whitening effectively, inhibit inflammation reaction.But must pay attention to the concentration of the product you use, too high can cause irritation.

Alpha Arbutin Powder:

Alpha arbutin is a standard ingredient in many skin whitening and moisturizing products, is milder than nicotinamide, it can promote skin cell growth and helps heal wounds.

Tranexamic powder acid helps to visibly fade discolorations from sun exposure and it can also: Fade the look of post-breakout marks of any color, and seems to be particularly effective for dark skin tones.

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