What does Natural Kojic Acid Powder do to your skin

2024-05-07 21:47:01

Natural kojic acid powder is a chelation agent produced by several species of fungi, especially aspergillus oryzae. Manufacturer always use this powder do cosmetics products. 


Beauty products such as soaps, lotions and ointments contain kojic acid. In human skin, tyrosine is catalyzed by tyrosinase and combines with oxygen free radicals through complex oxidation, polymerization, and finally synthesis of melanin. Kojic acid can inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase, so it can strongly inhibit the formation of skin melanin, and it's safe and non-toxic, will not produce white spot sequel. Therefore, it has been added into lotion, facial mask, skin cream, in order to effective treatment of freckles, spots, pigmentation, acne, and other luxury skin whitening cosmetics products.


Beside the function of skin whitening, it has effect on anti-aging. Cosmetics contain it may lighten the skin, which can improve the appearance of age spots and sun damage. The reduction of dark spots can have an anti-aging effect. 

It can treat melasma: Many female friends always complain about that have melasma in their face skin due to pregnancy. Try to use this powder or products contain kojic acid, it also be helpful in decreasing melasma.

We can use natural kojic acid powder or added it in other products every day, it is safe. Researchers found that the dosage in cosmetics is safe on body, it can make skin whitening, but must use on all non-sensitive areas of the body. Dermatologists advise consumers to replace products if they find skin irritating or too whitening. 

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