Improve the Quality of Life, Stem Cell Anti-aging is a New Healthy Lifestyle

2024-06-12 21:21:46

The World Health Organization (WHO) has put forward the initiative of healthy aging, which is to “extend the concept of health to the anti-aging process, look at the health issues in medical care and anti-aging process, and focus on improving the lives of most people. quality, prolong life, and enable humans to survive healthier and longer.”

What is Aging?

Aging (senescence) is a complex biological process. Along with the decline of body function, the ability to stress and adapt to the environment also weakens. During the aging process, organisms undergo degenerative changes at the organ, tissue, cell, and molecular levels.

The changes in the appearance of human aging mainly include: thinning of the skin epidermis, reduction of connective tissue, reduction and disappearance of subcutaneous fat, sagging skin, and increase in wrinkles; proliferation of endocardial collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the cardiovascular system; arteriosclerosis and reduced blood vessel elasticity. Precipitation of calcium and lipid substances appears in the intima, narrowing the lumen; the weight of the nervous system brain gradually decreases, and the brain volume shrinks.

The Nature of Aging:

Aging is characterized by decreased cell regeneration capacity and decreased tissue and organ function.

The human body is a "cell society" composed of approximately 40-60 trillion cells with different physiological characteristics. 1%~2% of cells die every day, and 1%~2% of cells are regenerated every day. Stem cells are the mother of this "cell society".

As an individual grows and matures, various adult stem cells in the body gradually decrease and even disappear completely in some tissues and organs. After the stem cells in the body dry up, they can no longer produce new cells, and the metabolic function of the cells will weaken. There will be more and more senescent cells, and the body will age until it dies.

Therefore, stem cells are the driving force for maintaining the growth and metabolism of the body's organs. They are also the most important and basic biological unit for the body to repair aging and degenerative changes. They are the key factors that determine the aging of life.

In 2007, British scientist Anastasia wrote an article in Nature magazine stating that stem cells are crucial to the body's self-repair and tissue regeneration, and the decrease of stem cells is the main cause of human aging. This discovery is of great significance to human understanding of the aging process, which is why stem cell and regenerative medicine research has boomed in recent years.

Stem Cells Anti-aging:

The reason why the human body ages is mainly because the rate of cell renewal is slower than the rate of aging, and there is insufficient supply of fresh cells. The source of cell renewal is stem cells.

Aging of the body is a gradual process, so if you want to slow down the speed of aging, increase vitality, and extend the length of life (anti-aging), you can start at any time, and the earlier the better, especially when the aging phenomenon is not obvious yet. Once it starts operating, it can have better results.

Anti-aging is not just a matter for the elderly, but something that people of every age group should pay attention to. When you are young, you must establish anti-aging concepts, cultivate healthy behavioral habits, and accumulate healthy capital. After reaching a certain age, you will not age prematurely or be plagued by diseases as you age.

Anti-aging at 20 Years Old, Increasing Beauty and Attractiveness:

There is basically no aging problem in the 20-year-old age group, but the 25-year-old is the peak of various body functions. After the age of 25, the peak period of growth has passed. If maintenance is ignored, many aging phenomena will begin. The main purpose of anti-aging at this stage is to modify the appearance and beautify the self-image, so as to accumulate capital for future health.

Anti-aging at The Age of 30, Maintaining Youthful Beauty and Good Health:

The age of 30 is the starting point for the aging of most organs. From the age of 30, the elasticity of the ear drum and middle ear ossicles begins to weaken, and hearing goes downhill; the weight of the brain also begins to decrease from the heaviest 1600g at this time; we often say that " Although "presbyopia" is not noticed until the age of 40, it actually begins to change at the age of 30; the elasticity of the lungs weakens and ages slowly from the age of 30; the muscles begin to decrease at a rate of 5% to 10% per year from the age of 30.

Therefore, the age of 30 is the best time to fight against aging. If you start fighting against aging at this time, you can maintain your ideal health for a long time. The main purpose of anti-aging at this stage is to maintain youth and health. If the anti-aging preparations at this stage are done well, it will go a long way in slowing down aging.

Anti-aging at the age of 40, slowing down the aging rate and preventing chronic diseases:

Middle-aged people in their forties have already begun to age and are about to enter the old age stage. However, if you start anti-aging at the age of 40, as long as you use the right methods, you will achieve certain results and still have some degree of improvement. On the contrary, if you do not pay attention to anti-aging maintenance, a series of body functions may accelerate aging and increase the risk of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, kidney, endocrine system and other diseases.

The latest genetic study by researchers at Harvard Medical School in the United States suggests that the aging of brain tissue related to learning, memory, and cognitive functions begins at the age of 40. Starting anti-aging from this period can prevent and delay the decline of brain memory function, partially restore physical fitness and energy, delay the arrival of menopause, and improve the quality of life. The focus of anti-aging at this stage is to slow down the rate of aging, prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, and maintain a young mentality.

Anti-aging at 50 years old, slowing down and preventing aging:

People over the age of 50 may already have signs of disease or even suffer from certain diseases. Because people in this age group are under dual pressure from society and family, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer is very high. Even if there is no disease bothering people, the body organs are already aging and there are obvious signs of aging.

Therefore, the focus of anti-aging at this stage should be on preventing and delaying the occurrence of diseases, reducing the impact of diseases on quality of life, preventing menopausal symptoms, and improving physical strength, concentration, and memory abilities.

Anti-aging and longevity at 60 years old:

The symptoms of aging in people over 60 years old are already quite obvious. The focus of anti-aging at this stage needs to shift from functional preventive anti-aging to preventing age-related diseases. The anti-aging effect starting from this age is far less than the anti-aging effect starting from the age of 30. However, in view of the huge physiological differences between the elderly and young people, stem cells can still provide effective help in improving the quality of life and extending life.

Supplementing Stem Cells, A New Way of Anti-aging:

As people's quality of life continues to improve, anti-aging requirements are increasing day by day. Stem cells have the ability to self-renew, multi-lineage differentiation and paracrine factor secretion, and show good application prospects in clinical medical fields such as wound repair, tissue regeneration and anti-aging.

Therefore, stem cells are an important new and renewable energy source of life for everyone. Replenishing stem cells multiple times, maintaining and improving physiological functions and body functions, and extending the length of life may become a new rechargeable life form and new lifestyle for humans.


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