Does Pure Epimedium Extract Powder Improve Sex Ability

2024-04-28 21:56:33


Epimedium extract powder is regarded as “plant viagra”. The function likes epimedium extract, we also have maca extract, yohimbine extract, tribulus terrestris extract, tongkat ali extract powder and so on.

Studies by researchers in the United States, China and India have confirmed that main component of herbal epimedium extract icariin can nourish the kidney, increase the production of testosterone and other sex hormones in humanbody. Now icariin has become one of the main raw materials of various plant viagra products in the international market.Icariin is found in several plant viagra products in the US market.

Epimedium extract powder is well known in our country. It is said that the epimedium was discovered during the northern and southern dynasties (618-907). Some shepherds found that the number of estrus increased significantly after the sheep ate a kind of grass, it is epimedium leaf, the male penis had a hard erection, and copulation with ewe increased and lasted longer, while eating other weeds did not find this function. Some chinese medicine doctor gather gross in mountain, after overhearing the shepherd talk about this matter, through the field investigation, this kind of grass has been found that has the effect of aphrodisiac. So it is called "淫羊藿".AA3.gif

Epimedium extract powder also has function to strong bones and muscles, dispel wind-damp, and improve sex ability. Icariin 40% and 60% have a good ingredients, because the flavones, polysaccharide, are in balance. It also can regulate the body immunity.

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