Does Olive Leaf Extract Powder Used in Cosmetic Products

2024-05-11 22:29:38

Olive leaf extract powder is derived from the leaves of the Olea europaea botanical, better known as the Olive tree.

Applied to the skin, Olive Leaf Botanical Extract can protect against the harsh effects of the weather, the elements, and environmental stressors and pollutants. It slows the appearance of the signs of aging, nourishes and purifies the skin, calms irritation, repairs damage, reduces redness, hydrates, stimulates the growth of new cells, and enhances circulation.

High content of oleuropein is mainly used in skin care products, which can protect skin cells from uv damage, effectively maintain skin tenderness and elasticity, and achieve the effect of helping and rejuvenating the skin.  


Protection - Antioxidant action - maintains the viability of skin cell:

Uv radiation can cause the formation of free radicals, which can damage skin cells and even cause cell death in the morning.  If you expose skin cells to light, look at the changes in keratinocytes and fibrocytes -- some coated with pure olive leaf extract powder, others uncoated -- 24 hours later, and find that the cells coated with pure olive leaf extract are almost intact.

Promotes collogen metabolism - promotes collogen synthesis:

In the process of skin aging, the ability to synthesize collogen decreases gradually, and only a small amount of collogen can be produced by fibrocytes. We measured the boost to collogen synthesis in cell culture, some with pure olive leaf extract and others without, using the amount of proline (an amino acid) as a measure of newly synthesized collogen.


Applied to the hair, Olive Leaf Botanical Extract contributes moisture and shine while working to smooth out the strands. It is reputed to address alopecia and to protect against the damaging effects of overexposure to UV radiation.

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