Rose Extract Powder

Rose Extract Powder

Name: Rose Extract
Appearance: Red fine powder
Active Ingredient: Rose polyphenols
Stock: 500 Kg
MOQ: 1Kg
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Package: 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag; 25Kg/Paper drum
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Product Introduction

Rose Extract Powder is one of our main products. We've been making plant extract powder, cosmetics raw powder, pharmaceutical intermediates powder for 15 years. We have rich experience to control the purity and quality of our products. It is widely used in health products, cosmetics products and so on.

Rose is the queen of flowers! It has many functions of dry rose petal, and its extract powder Rose polyphenols has multiple uses. 

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Health Benefits of Rose Extract:


1 smoothing liver stagnation and spleen, reducing pathogenic fire;

2 The treatment of skin inflammation, skin relaxation and aging;

3 Remove free radicals and eliminating pigmentation effectively;

4 Moderating blood and removing blood stasis, curing breast distending pain and irregular menstruation.

In Skincare Products:

The main functions of rose extract powder in cosmetics and skin care products are whitening and freckle removing, soothing and anti allergy.

★It has good effect on anti-ageing properties:

Research shows that rose polyphenols has skin anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the inflammatory response produced by exposure to UV rays. Rose petal powder thus can reduce ageing effects. Regular use on the face and body can have significant anti-ageing effect.

★Antioxidant properties:

Most cancers are caused due to oxidative stress. Rose powder has been shown to possess antioxidant properties (rose polyphenols). These medicinal properties make it a good culinary component too. It is very good for human body.


●Rose Extract Powder is a functional food and beverage;

●Health care products;

●It used in cosmetics products;

●It is a good raw material used in medicine.