Glabridin Powder

Glabridin Powder

Brief Introductions:Whitening and inhibiting melanin;
Anti-inflammatory action;
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Product Introduction

Licorice is one of the most widely used herbs in the world and is used in Hindi herbal medicine to aid in the treatment of eye problems, throat infections, stomach ulcers, arthritis and liver disease. The reason is licorice extract glabridin powder can reduce phlegm, moisturizes skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-hepatotoxin and anti-bacterial, and so on.

licorice root extract

Extract fromLicorice Root Extract Powder
Purity40%, 90%, 98%
ColorWhite and brownish yellow
Test MethodHPLC
Molecular FormulaC20H20O4
Molecular Weight324.3704

Skin whiteing glabridin is a very famous skin whitening material. It penetrates deep into the skin and remains highly active, whitening and antioxidant. Effectively inhibits the activity of various enzymes in the process of melanin production, especially prevents tyramine enzyme. At the same time, it also has the effect of preventing skin roughness, anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria. It is a whitening component with good curative effect and comprehensive function.

Licorice extract is a whitening cosmetic additive introduced by Maruzen in Japan in 1989.After years of use, the effect is obvious, good safety. It is the main effective ingredient of international high-grade whitening cosmetics products. In addition to Japan, South Korea's cosmetics companies, Lancome, Dior, SPA, Chanel is also widely used in the ingredient.Glabridin powder is a good skin whitening powder, Licorice saponins and glycyrrhizic acid also have anti-inflammatory effects. These hydrophobic ingredients include glabridin and other flavonoids, which have an inhibitory effect on melanin.