Vitamin E Succinate Powder

Vitamin E Succinate Powder

Name: Tocopherol Succinate
CAS: 17407-37-3
Molecular Formula: C33H54O5
EINECS: 241-433-7
Stock: 1000 Kg
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Product Introduction

Alpha-tocopherol Succinate also called Vitamin E succinate powder is the primary form of vitamin E that is preferentially used by the human body to meet appropriate dietary requirements.

Tocopherol Succinate

Main Functions of the Tocopherol Succinate:

●Enhance immunity and assist in lowering blood lipid;

●Relieve physical fatigue;

●Antioxidant, help improve memory;

●Relieve visual fatigue and improve hypoxia tolerance;

●It has auxiliary protective function for chemical liver injury;

●Increases bone mineral density;

●Remove chloasma, improve skin moisture;

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Applications of the Tocopherol Succinate:

★Tocopherol succinate is an antioxidant in cosmetics and skin care products, it is safe, for pregnant women generally have no effect, tocopherol succinate has no acne-causing;

★Tocopherol succinate ingredient is suitable for oily skin, dry skin, firm skin, tolerant skin, sensitive skin, non-pigmented skin, wrinkled skin, pigmented skin and so on.

★Vitamin E succinate powder can used in health products.