L Glutamine Powder

L Glutamine Powder

Name: L Glutamine
CAS: 56-85-9
Specifications: 99%
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum
MOQ: 25Kg
Stock: 1000 Kg
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Product Introduction

L Glutamine Powder is an organic compound. It is white powder. This product is transformed into glycosamine in the body, as the precursor of mucin synthesis, it can promote ulcer healing, and it is mainly used as a drug for peptic ulcer. In addition, it can also be used as a brain function improving agent and for the treatment of alcoholism.


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Basic Information:


L Glutamine





Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



25Kg/paper drum

Properties and Stability:

◆Participate in the biosynthesis of glucosamine, a component of mucous protein in the digestive tract, thereby promoting the repair of mucosal epithelial tissue and helping to eliminate ulcer lesions. At the same time, it can promote brain metabolism and improve brain function through the blood-brain barrier. Like glutamic acid, it is an important nutrient for brain metabolism;

◆Present in tobacco leaves and smoke;

◆It has valuable in the field of immunity. After the organism converts toxic ammonia into non-toxic glutamine, it is excreted through urine. It is generally not involved in protein composition.



It is suitable for food additive. L glutamine powder is used as nutritional supplement and flavoring supplement in food processing. And L-Glutamine is an important nutritional supplement for bodybuilders.

It is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle, accounting for about 60% of the total free amino acid in the human body. The fasting plasma glutamine concentration is 500-750umol/L. Glutamine is not an essential amino acid, it can be synthesized in the human body from glutamic acid, proline, and isoleucine. Under stress conditions such as disease, poor nutritional status or high-intensity exercise, the body's demand for glutamine increases, so that its own synthesis cannot meet the demand. Glutamine has many effects on the body.

Vitamin B9 powder

●Grow Muscle:

L glutamine powder provides the body with the necessary nitrogen source to promote protein synthesis in muscle cells; promote the growth and differentiation of muscle cells through cell expansion; stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, insulin and testosterone, so that the body is in a synthetic state.

●Glutamine is Powerful:

Increase strength, improve stamina. During exercise, an increase in the body's acidic metabolites acidifies body fluids. Glutamine has the potential to generate bases, thus reducing the reduction in exercise capacity or fatigue caused by acidic substances to a certain extent;

●An important fuel for the immune system, which enhances the function of the immune system:

Glutamine plays an important role in immune regulation, and it is necessary for the secretion, proliferation and maintenance of lymphocyte function. As the precursor and main energy source of nucleic acid biosynthesis, glutamine can promote the mitosis, differentiation and proliferation of lymphocytes and macrophages, increase the production of cytokines TNF, IL-1, etc., and the mRNA synthesis of phospholipids. Providing exogenous glutamine can significantly increase the total number of lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and the ratio of CD4/CD8 in the circulation of critically ill patients, and enhance the immune function of the body;

●Participate in the synthesis of glutathione:

Essential energy source for luminal cells of the gastrointestinal tract:

●Improve brain function:

●Improve the body's antioxidant capacity:

Supplementing glutamine can improve the body's antioxidant capacity by maintaining and increasing the GSH reserve in tissue cells, stabilize cell membrane and protein structure, protect liver, lung, intestinal tract and other important organs and immune cells, maintain kidney, Normal function of the pancreas, gallbladder and liver;


●Glutamine-enhanced nutritional support has the functions of improving body metabolism, nitrogen balance, promoting protein synthesis, and increasing the total number of lymphocytes;

●Glutamine can maintain intestinal permeability in patients with severe pancreatitis, reduce the occurrence of intestinal bacterial translocation, inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators, reduce the degree of stress response in the body, and shorten the length of hospital stay;

●Supplementing glutamine in a timely and appropriate amount can effectively prevent the breakdown of muscle protein, and increase cell volume and promote muscle growth through cell hydration. L glutamine powder is also one of the few amino acids that can stimulate the release of growth hormone. Studies have shown that oral administration of 2 grams of glutamine can increase the level of growth hormone by 4 times, increase the secretion of insulin and testosterone, thereby enhancing the synthesis of muscles.

Package and Delivery:

★1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

★25Kg/paper drum.


★We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss