Which is better Ashwagandha root or Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides

2024-05-07 17:55:24


Many people ask ashwagandha root is more better than ashwagandha extract withanolides? Extract powder is more better than row root, because it extracts main ingredients of ashwagandha root. Active ingredient in ashwagandha is a group of flavonoids called withanolides, which help support the body's ability to manage stress symptoms, improve body immunity. Withanolides are main active compounds that have ability to help the body with physical and mental stress.

We mainly research enhance immune regulation function of that. Extract powder at least contains withanolide 1.5%, 2.5%, 5%, 10%. These are common specifications in the market, do healthcare additives are the best choice.

What Functions of It?

According to scientists, South African inebria extract has the same function like our country's ginseng extract powder. Exciting and improve human immunity and other effects. When mixed with other aphrodisiacs (such as maca, Turner's wort, guanana, kava, and China's epimedium), it can be processed into a natural medicine treat for male erectile dysfunction. It is understood that there are at least dozens of "natural viagra" products in the American market, most of them contain the extract of ashwagandha and they are all sold well in the market.

Interestingly, it also has an excellent sedative effect, according to a recent study by us researchers. Many American adults struggle to fall asleep at night because of mental stress. Natural sleeping products made by American manufacturers, also contains it, also add valerian root extract, daisy extract and other medicinal plants with sedative effect.

How to Keep Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides?

This powder need to keep in cool, dry, and avoid light place. 

This product absorbs moisture easily, if find it has a little small lumps and particles in powder, it can use, but if too much, meaning this powder is stale dated, or affected with damp, so cannot use any more.

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