Where to Buy Epimedium Extract Powder

2024-04-24 00:31:38


It is a good choice to buy epimedium extract powder from our company. We have rich experience to manufacturer epimedium powder. No matter for the different specifications or quality control, we do it very well.

Let me introduce this powder to you today.

We have our own plantation base to acquisition of raw materials of epimedium leaf in order to control the raw herbal quality. This leaf as a Chinese medicine has long time to work for erectile dysfunction. But with the development of science, researchers find the icariin and icariins has good effect on improve the sex ability for men. So devote ourselves to research it.

The icariin purity from 10%~98%, each purity powder has their own functions. If your products are capsules or tablets, I advice use the 40% and 60%, if do the wine, use the icariin 98% is the best choice. Icariin 40% and 60% are the best choice because the flavonoids are in equilibrium, and the price is also competitive.

Does Epimedium Extract Powder Really Work?

With many supplements, claims about the effectiveness of epimedium icariin are expansive. I sent the articles about epimedium extract in face book last week, I get many reply within 4 hours. This makes me surprised, many people know this powder can improve sex ability although they are not researchers. Study found erectile function of rat is improved after use the epimedium extract powder.

But I want to say the function is not so quicker when compares with other sex medicine. It is natural powder, not any side effect on body, after use a period of time, you will feel the function.

We also win the trophy of good manufacturer for epimedium extract, do not hesitate to cooperat with us.

Please feel free contact me if you are interested in epimedium extract powder, we can talk more.

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