What's Unique Functions of Haematococcus Powder in Skin Care

2024-05-09 21:46:35

We all know natural astaxanthin haematococcus powder has 2 big functions, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Do not look down upon these two point, it plays a role in the skin care.

Hazards of Free Radicals:

Free radicals can cause deterioration of our skin, loss of collagen, loss of elasticity, yellowness and more of skin. In general, our bodies are able to balance free radicals.However, with the deterioration of living environment, plus staying up late, smoking, drinking, pressure and other reasons, free radicals continue to increase. The more free radicals you have in the body, the more electrons were grabbed, the other half of  electrons start to become unstable.As a result, on the face left a stain, and the face began to wrinkle, the skin becomes slack.


Natural astaxanthin is a skin saver:

A: Anti-aging: 

Eliminate free radicals, protect skin from free radical attacks, reduce skin aging speed, and make skin return to a young state.

B: Photodamage protection:

Reduce the amount of erythema (MED) produced by the skin under ultraviolet light;Reduce skin moisture loss under ultraviolet light; Reducing skin irritation under ultraviolet light;Quickly heal damaged skin from ultraviolet burn.

Repair collagen:

The continuous damage of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and matrix metalloproteinase (NMP) prevents the skin from repairing itself, while natural astaxanthin haematococcus powder can significantly reduce the damage of ROS and NMP to dermal collagen and ensure the self-repairing ability of collagen.