What is Acanthopanax Senticosus Root Extract Good For

2024-05-09 22:26:37

Introduction of Acanthopanax Senticosus Root Extract Powder:

Acanthopanax senticosus distributes in northeast Asia, Siberia area. Its roots and rhizomes can be used as medicine. Main Active ingredients are eleutheroside B+E. We also called it siberian ginseng extract powder. 


Researchers found that there are many ingredients in siberian ginseng, they are all good for human body. Such as a variety of sugar, amino acid, fatty acid, vitamin A, B1, B2, and kinds of carotene, and Sesame fat, flavones, and many trace minerals.

What Functions of the Eleutheroside Powder?

★Strong body:

Acanthopanax can increase the maximum oxygen consumption and enhance the duration of exercise;


Why it has good effect on anti-oxidant? Because siberian ginseng contains superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD has a good effect on anti- oxidant, it can improve body immunity, and anti- free radical, so it has good effect on antioxidant. 

★It has good effect on sleep improvement. 

★Prevent stress-related illnesses:

Acanthopanax contains eleutheroside, which has a beneficial effect on the adrenal glands. Taking acanthopanax is thought to help the body deal with physiological stresses ranging from heat exposure to overwork.And increase resistance to disease, as well as the body's overall energy level.


★Resist fatigue and restore energy:

Acanthopanax has been shown to enhance acuity and physical endurance, and studies have shown that acanthopanax can improve oxygen use in exercising muscles. This means the body can maintain aerobic activity for longer and recover faster from exercise fatigue.

What Side Effect of Acanthopanax Senticosus Root Extract Powder?

Few side effects have been reported with acanthopanax. In any case, side effects usually occur at higher doses (4.56ml, 3 times daily), and include insomnia, allergy, depression, and anxiety. Volunteers with rheumatic heart disease reported pericardial pain, headache, palpitations, and increased blood pressure after using acetopanax with higher dosage.

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