What Are the Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder

2024-05-10 18:00:22

The chaga mushroom grows on birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere. It resembles a dark clump of dirt more than a mushroom, but is distinguished from other growths by its orange tissue. Today we learn more about benefits of the chaga mushroom extract powder.


Benefits of the Chaga Mushroom:

●It is a nutrient-dense superfood.

Chaga mushrooms are rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including: B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, rubidium, fiber, calcium and so on.


The Medical Academy of Science in Moscow announced that chaga is an anti-cancer substance in 1955. In the United States, the fungus is listed as a "special natural substance" and is used as a future drink for cosmic people.  On the other hand, it has applied for a number of patents on fusobacteria as a therapeutic agent for liver cancer, AIDS and 0 ~ 157 E. coli poisoning in Japan.

●Slowing the aging process, and Infectious viruses and prevention of colds:

Immune decline is one of the most obvious features of aging. Modern studies have proved that the decline of immune function caused by aging can be delayed or partially restored. Oxidative stress causes physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and gray hair. Exposure to sun, pollution, and other sources of damage create too many free radicals for the body to neutralize, which accelerates the aging process of the skin. 

In theory, supplying the body with more antioxidants could slow the aging process, or even reverse visible signs of aging.

Although no research has conclusively linked chaga to anti-aging benefits, its effectiveness in fighting other forms of oxidative stress suggests that it could also fight aging.

●Prevent high blood pressure.

Experimental studies, it has been proved that chaga mushroom extract powder can reduce the blood pressure and relieve the symptoms of patients with hypertension.  Especially when combined with conventional antihypertensive drugs, it has a coordinating effect, making the blood pressure more easily controlled and stable.

●Lowering blood sugar:

The results showed that the whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, fibrinogen, hematocrit and erythrocyte aggregation index decreased significantly after treatment use of chaga mushroom powder. Russian Komsomlshi Pharmaceutical Company used chaga mushroom extract powder has a 93% cure rate for diabetes.  

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