New progress has been made in the extraction of Kavalactone Powder from medicinal Kava

2024-04-23 23:49:29


We know that active ingredients of kava powder is kavalactone. Common specifications are 30% and 70% in market. It has too many functions in our daily life. Kavanolactone powder has the functions of regulating nerves, reducing pressure, relieving anxiety, fighting depression, relaxing muscles, eliminating fatigue and relieving insomnia.


The United Kingdom make kava powder included in the "plant pharmacopoeia", the United States included in the new "United States pharmacopoeia", Kavanolactone as an over-the-counter or prescription drug in many countries in Europe and the United States.


A researcher from the Wuhan botanical garden, Chinese academy of sciences, use 5 different Organic solvents ( hexane, acetone, methanol, ethanol and ethyl acetate) to try to extract 6 kinds of active ingredient kavanolactone from the root and stems of kava. And they found the extraction efficiency of ethanol was the highest and that of n-hexane was the lowest and the same time, the purity kavalactone in roots is more than in stems. The function of kava powder is more familiar in our daily life, many countries import this herbal powder from our country. They give us high reputation for herbal medicine.


It is important progress in active ingredient kavalactone powder, our lab will research kava powder all the time, hope make a contribution in herbal extract powder.

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