Is Kava kavalactone Powder Good for Anxiety

2024-05-12 12:38:47

Natural kavalactone powder promotes relaxation and helps ease the body and mind from daily stress. Kava is known to produce pleasant sensations and have a calming, relaxing effect on people that use it. Because of its calming qualities, kava has come to the attention of the medical community as a possible treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).


Most research shows that taking kava powder that contain 70% kavalactones can lower anxiety and might work as well as some prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Kava relaxes muscles and mood, reduces excessive daydreaming, improves brain focus, expands general awareness, and is not addictive, perhaps for these reasons, Pacific Islanders are keen on kava.  Kava has a remarkable effect on anxiety reduction.  A four-week study showed that anxiety patients who took kava for just one week had significant improvements, with almost 95% improved after four weeks.

Woltz, a doctor in Germany, conducted a longer trial (six months) and found that kava gave anxiety patients a significant relaxation effect that was much better than regular pills and had few side effects on body.

Kavalactone powder relaxes the muscles to relieve headaches, other aches and pains caused by muscle tension.  It can also increase concentration and keep the mind relaxed.  More importantly, it's not addictive.