Is Glutathione GSH Powder Good for Skin Whitening

2024-04-28 22:38:52


GSH powder is short for glutathione. It has good effect on skin whitening, but many people are suspicious of that. But I want to say, yes, it is right, have good effect on skin whitening, and it is a very safe way. At the same time help you prevent aging. Today let me introduce our skin whitening powder to you.

It is very important to see the 2 points if you want to test it can skin whitening? First we can see the role of the component in the production of melanin. The whitening principle of ingredients is divided into 2 points, one is antioxidant, the other is inhibition of the tyrosinase, dopanochrome tautase, DHICA oxidase, endothelin. The 4 ingredients are pivotal role in melanin formation. It can prevent the melanin formation if this skin whiteing powder can inhibit one of their activity. Second we must confirm this powder have enough components to reach the dermis. The vast majority of ingredients in skin care products will be recognized as foreign bodies by the skin defense system. And if the molecular weight is too large, it will get stuck directly on the surface of the skin and die before it gets out. If skin care products have not enough time to survive on skin, ingredients won't have enough time to penetrate on skin, i think it is ridiculous for skin whitening.


So what is the whitening mechanism of Glutathione GSH Powder?

Scientific experiment confirmed that glutathione can directly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, at the same time it can eliminate a large number of oxidative free radicals, prevent free radicals from activating tyrosinase, and also can hydrolyze to cysteine, interfering with the synthesis of melanin. That is to say, in the process of whitening, it has the dual effect of "anti-oxidation" + "inhibition".

Glutathione is also a small molecular peptide with a molecular weight of 307 daltons (molecules larger than 500 daltons can not cross the skin barrier). So GSH powder also can be absorbed by the skin. Moreover, it is also the body's own antioxidant component in the cells, easier to "fool" the defense layer, easier to enter the body. People will gradually become old with the loss of glutathione. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it is very popular to take glutathione health care products to delay the aging of the human body. I attached the human glutathione GSH content - age curve here, it is very obvious to see. 

Our company manufacturer glutathione powder, it Is higher purity, and little crystal powder, has good effect on skin whitening, we have comparison pictures of the customers after they use it. We can supply sample order if you need to try.

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