How to Use Alpha Arbutin White Powder

2024-05-12 15:01:14

Alpha arbutin white powder is a naturally powder that is primarily found in bearberry plants. It has a natural whitening quality that makes it ideal for creams and lotions if you want to achieve lighter skin or cover blemishes. While alpha arbutin is safe to mix into creams and lotions in small doses, it also can soluble in water. Our company supply pure alpha arbutin powder 99%, it is widely exported to many countries.


As long as arbutin is used correctly, it can effectively inhibit the production of melanin and lighten some freckles, so it is better for the skin.

How to Use it?


It needs to dissolve alpha arbutin white powder in water before adds in other lotions or creams. Pure alpha arbutin has very strong potent, and may cause skin burning sensation if use directly.

●Use Suitable Dosage:

Our alpha arbutin powder can keep more than 24 months if keep well. There are 2 main reasons to use alpha arbutin powder for skin whitening and covering blemishes from skin discoloration. We advise start off with a 2-month supply (around 25 grams (0.88 oz) so that you can make adjustments to your skin lightening formula once you find what’s working for you.

●Calculate the amount of purified water needed to create a 5:1 ratio.

●Put the water in a pot and turn the stove to medium heat.

●Add the powder to the pot and stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes.

●Transfer the alpha arbutin mixture to an airtight container.

●Store the mixture at room temperature for up to 12 months.

There is another way to use it:

It can be added to some skin care lotions, creams, and essences, which can increase the fluidity of the cream, make it better absorbed by our skin, and increase the effect.

Many face creams, lotions, and essences have their own effects. Adding arbutin will diversify the effects.

What’s the Best Time to Use Alpha Arbutin?

It is better time to use alpha arbutin white powder in night.

This is mainly because it has a certain photosensitive effect, and other substances may be produced if used during the day.

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