Can I take Cordyceps every day

2024-04-28 21:48:43


Cordycepin powder is very popular in healthcare products field. More and more people have high evaluation about cordyceps extract powder. But many people ask can I take cordyceps every day? It is sure, we can take cordyceps everyday under the certain dosage. 

Cordycepin powder has some active ingredient to improve our body immunity. If you want to prevent fatigue, it is very beneficial to use cordyceps every day. The active ingredient is polysaccharide, cordycepin, adenosine, these ingredients are all good for human body, you can use it with food, and put in capsules, it is no bad effect on body under the right way.WW2.gif

This polysaccharide 50% has good water soluble, it commonly used to add in beverages. It has tested in factory, the water soluble is very well. Use HPLC to test the active ingredient. We have already found that the Cordycepin powder has good effect way to antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, anti-virus, anti -tumor and immune regulation and other pharmacological activities. And the new research find that cordyceps also have functions to protect the kidney, reduce the high blood sugar, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and so on. Nowadays, many researchers pay attention to the function of cordyceps sinensis powder, hope will do much contribution to our human being.

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