Yucca Extract Powder

Yucca Extract Powder

Name: Yucca Extract
Specifications: 40% 50% 60%
Extract from: Yucca
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Stock: 800 Kg
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Product Introduction

Yucca Schidigera is a tropical plant, which likes sunny and well-ventilated environment. It is native to North America. It is mainly distributed in the southwestern United States and the desert region of Mexico, especially in the desert region of Southern California.As early as hundreds of years ago, Indian tribes in The Americas used yucca flowers, seed pods, stems and roots to boil and concentrate into important therapeutic drugs. Yucca extract powder is also used as a soap, so we can see the saponin content is very high. 

Basic Information:


Yucca schidigera Extract



Active ingredient





10%, 60%, 80%

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China is a big livestock and poultry producer in the world. The large-scale and intensive production has produced a lot of excrement, urine, sewage and harmful gases, especially the use of chemical fertilizers, which has made a lot of manure fail to return to the fields and caused serious pollution to the environment. If these high concentrations of feces and urine and sewage are not properly treated, it is bound to become the source of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry, parasitic diseases and zoonoses. The harmful gases and odors produced by fecal urine, such as sulfide (hydrogen sulfide), ammoniates (ammonia gas) and aliphatic compounds (caseic acid, skodoritin, etc.) can affect the physiological functions and respiratory functions of human and animal, and it has strong toxicity. Therefore, the control of environmental pollution is the key to the sustainable development of aquaculture industry in China, which has important practical significance.

To solve the farm environmental pollution, in addition to the use of nutrient-balanced diet to reduce the excretion of nitrogen and excretion of feces and urine, can also be added deodorant in the feed to reduce the odor of feces and urine. Yucca extract is a natural product preparation, adding only a trace amount (60-250g/t) into the feed can significantly remove the odor of animal manure and urine, and at the same time have a good nutritional effect on animals.

What Main Functions of Yucca Extract Powder Saponins:

This ingredient, which contains both water-soluble and fat-soluble groups, is a natural detergent and surfactant. Because of its special chemical structure, it is difficult to pass through the epithelial cells of the digestive tract, so it can play its unique physiological function in the intestine.

●It has the surface activity effect, and changes the form of the digestive tract epithelial cell membrane, reduces the surface tension of the cell membrane, and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

●It can bind cholesterol on the cell membrane, form irreversible complex and excrete from the body, so it can improve the permeability of small intestinal mucosal cells, more conducive to the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall.



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●It has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria and can optimize the structure of intestinal flora.

Saponin has good immune stimulating properties and can increase the immune function of animals.

●This powder can reduce the emission of harmful gases and improve the environment of livestock houses.

●Yucca extract powder is a urease inhibitor, which can not only inhibit the decomposition of urea into ammonia, but also promote the transformation of ammonia gas into microbial proteins, thus reducing the production of ammonia gas in feces and urine. Directly adsorb and bind harmful gases such as ammonia in the environment.