Red Wine Extract Powder

Red Wine Extract Powder

Name: Red Wine Extract
Color: Purple Brown
Appearance: Powder
Specifications: 30%
Active Ingredient: Red Wine Polyphenols
Test Method: UV
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Product Introduction

Name: Red Wine Extract

Color: Purple Brown

Appearance: Powder

Specifications: 30%, 50%

Active Ingredient: Red Wine Polyphenols

Test Method: UV

grape red wine

Red Wine Extract Powder comes from the grape juice after fermentation. It has too much nutrition in this extract powder, such as resveratrol, quercetin, polyphenols and so on. It is very good for human body. We manufacturer red wine polyphenols and export to many countries. It has a strong function to protect heart health. French have a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease, due to like red wine very much. 

What Pharmacologic Action of Red Wine Polyphenols?

It is very beneficial for cardiovascular health by strengthening blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, lowering cholesterol, and reducing platelet aggregation (thrombus) in the blood. It is also considered to be the most powerful antioxidant and is known to combat free radical damage and boost immune function. Red wine polyphenols as a powerful antioxidant molecules, which can effectively fight against free radical damage, because free radicals produce oxidation, make skin epidermis shriveled to produce fine lines, and the natural red wine polyphenols contains a variety of powerful antioxidant substances, so it can prevent skin aging, and make skin become more white, moist and elastic.

Do you know the Function of Red Wine Extract Powder?

●It is considered as the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It is very good for cardiovascular health. Have you heard about “French Paradox”? It means, French like delicious food, however, the rate of cardiovascular disease is not high. According to nutrition experts, this may be the French like to take their food with red wine, which is rich in grape polyphenols, it is not only good for body health, but also for skin care.红酒

●It can effectively resist free radical damage, prevent skin aging, make your skin looks very whiter, moist and elastic.

Benefits for Skin:

●Resist the invasion of reactive oxygen species and maintain the integrity of cell membrane and skin structure.

●Inhibit collagen and other kinds of enzymes, anti skin aging.

●Reduce inflammation caused by skin irritation.

●Inhibits tyrosinase activity, reduces melanin production, and then makes skin bright and white.

●Maintain vascular tension, prevent microvascular varicose, promote the metabolism of fat and sugar, eliminate the phenomenon of orange peel tissue.

From these functions, we can see using red wine extract powder polyphenols can make skin looks younger, it is the good choice to make skin care products.


Prevent coronary heart disease

improve body immunity


Red wine do facial mask, you may looks young


Grape red wine polyphenols

Non GMO, no fillers, additives