Bovine Bone Collagen

Bovine Bone Collagen

Name: Bovine Bone Collagen Powder Appearance: Fine white or yellowish powder Protein Content: 95%+ MOQ: 10Kg Package: 10Kg/Carton, 25Kg/Paper drum Stock: 1000 Kg Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
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Product Introduction

What is bovine collagen?

Bovine Bone Collagen is naturally produced by your body, but you can also obtain it from foods and supplements. Bovine species include yak, antelope, bison, water buffalo, and cows — but bovine collagen comes primarily from cows. Collagen is an essential component in the human body. A proper amount of bovine collagen peptide is more easily absorbed by the human body and is also beneficial to many diseases in the body.


Functions and Beneficial:

●Help Digestion:

Extracted from cattle collagen, the human body has health care effect after taking it, we also adopt some enzymes and technology, a mixture of many peptide extracted from the collagen, it can promote digestion and absorption of food.

●Promote Wound Healing:

Collagen is an essential substance in the human body. It can be found in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, which can increase skin elasticity.

●It may help alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms;

●It may decrease visible signs of aging;

●Bovine Bone Collagen may prevent bone loss.



It can used In cosmetics, food and beverage, bovine bone collagen can be added in various dairy products to provide protein and nutrition.


1~10 Kg/Aluminum Foil Bag, 25Kg/Paper drum