Black Pepper Extract Powder

Black Pepper Extract Powder

Product name:Black Pepper Extract
Latin Name:Piper nigrum
Main Ingredient: Piperine
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Stock: 350 Kg
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Product Introduction

Product Description:

Black pepper is obtained from immature fruits of the Piper nigrum L. plant. Many researchers has found many functions of black pepper extract.


Active ingredient of black pepper extract powder we also extract the Piperine. Common specifications are 10%, 95%, 98%. It is slightly soluble in water and highly soluble in alcohol, chloroform and ether. Piperineis an alkaloid which occurs in the largest quantities in the outer layer of the grain, is responsible for the characteristic, very spicy taste of pepper. Many researchers have shown that piperine has many beneficial characters, including improvement body efficiency, increase in immunity, stimulation of metabolism and increase in the absorption of nutrients. Importantly, the studies have shown that piperine is completely safe for our body and can be taken without worry about side effects.

Product name

Black Pepper Extract

Latin Name

Piper nigrum

Main Ingredient




Molecular   formula


Molecular Weight



Light yellow to white Powder

Physical   properties

Light yellow to white powder. Soluble in acetic acid, benzene, ethanol and chloroform, slightly soluble in ether.

 Main Function:

◆ Piperine Can improvement the body efficiency:

It has a very positive effect on physical and mental performance of the body. It increases resistance to pain stimuli, accelerates the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles It increases indirectly the synthesis of muscle structural protein. Piperine also increases concentration and deepens psychological readiness for a big physical effort.

◆ It Can Cure for Common Cold:

It is very cold in winter, how to keep warm of yourslef? Let's try to use piperine.Scientists have shown that piperine found in black pepper extract has lots of healthy properties.Like antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and so on.Drinks a spoon of it can make you feel better and reduce fever.


Anti-cold virus

Improve body immunity

improve body efficiency

◆ It can boost in Metabolism: 

We all know that Black Pepper Extract has strong  spicy taste when use it.It improves the thermogenesis process, thus accelerates the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, so it makes people feel better after you take it. So many manufacturer add piperine in the juice or food to make weight loss products.

◆ It can Increase in bioavailability of dietary supplements

We probably know that the dietary supplements we consume are not fully used by the body. So we use piperine to help us finished it. This function like coenzyme Q10.It can make our body strong and nutritional.

Black Pepper Extract Powder is a natural medicine in market. Many used to make pharmaceutical medicine, cosmetics products, and food products. We guarantee the quality and purity of our powder, you can test and try freely. We will believe our products will satisfy for your requirements.


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