Raspberry Ketone Glucoside

Raspberry Ketone Glucoside

Name: Raspberry Ketone Glucoside
CAS: 38963-94-9
Purity: 98+
Chemical Name: 4-Butanonylphenyl-β-D-glucopyranoside
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Stock: 150 Kg
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Product Introduction

Choose Chenglang's Raspberry Ketone Glucoside

Raspberry Ketone Glucoside is a characteristic compound got from raspberries that has acquired ubiquity in the wellbeing and health industry because of its expected advantages for weight the board and skin wellbeing. Here are a few central issues about Raspberry Ketone Glucoside:

  • Weight Management: It is frequently elevated for helping with weight management potential. It is accepted to assist with expanding the breakdown of fat cells and upgrade the body's digestion, prompting potential weight reduction benefits. In any case, it's vital for note that logical proof supporting these cases is restricted, and more examination is expected to comprehend its consequences for weight the executives completely.

  • Cancer prevention agent Properties: It is wealthy in cancer prevention agents, which assist with safeguarding the body against oxidative pressure and harm brought about by free revolutionaries. Cell reinforcements assume a urgent part in keeping up with in general wellbeing and may have calming impacts that help skin wellbeing and resistant capability.

  • Skin Health: Some skincare items consolidate it for its likely advantages for skin wellbeing. Accepted to have skin-lighting up properties can assist with night out complexion, lessen the presence of dull spots, and advance a more brilliant composition. Furthermore, its cancer prevention agent properties might assist with shielding the skin from natural harm and untimely maturing.

  • Normal Source: It is normally found in raspberries, which are known for their high happy of nutrients, minerals, and cancer prevention agents. Utilizing a characteristic source like Raspberry Ketone Glucoside in skincare or dietary enhancements requests to shoppers searching for plant-based or natural fixings in their items.

  • Supplement Formulations: It is accessible in supplement structure, frequently showcased as a weight the executives help or cell reinforcement support. These enhancements might come in different details, like cases, powders, or fluid concentrates, and are regularly taken orally as a component of an everyday health schedule.


While Raspberry Ketone Glucoside shows guarantee in the domains of weight the executives and skin wellbeing, it's fundamental to talk with a medical services supplier prior to integrating any new enhancement into your everyday practice, particularly on the off chance that you have existing ailments or concerns. Furthermore, it's significant to focus on a fair eating routine, normal activity, and generally speaking solid way of life propensities for ideal prosperity.

XI AN CHEN LANG BIO TECH CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Product types include plant extract powder, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and customized products. Our company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment and professional technical personnel, and has established cooperative laboratories with many universities, which can quickly open up, optimize product processes and carry out commercial production. We have pass ISO, HALAL, KOSHER, and other certificates. Products are widely used in medicines, health products, cosmetics, and food additives, meeting the needs of many industries. Raspberry Ketone Glucoside is one of our main products, we have rich stock about that, and have quick ship time.

Physical Properties:


White or off white crystal powder


Easily soluble in water, soluble in polar organic solvents such as ethanol

Optical rotation

[a]DT = -55°~ -59°




25℃,1% water soluble,5.0-7.0

Loss on drying


Mechanism of Action of Raspberry Ketone Glucoside:

Melanin is a kind of shade that can cause skin pigmentation. It is created in melanocytes, which are specific cells in the skin, through a progression of biochemical responses including phenylalanine or tyrosine. Tyrosinase is a key compound that advances melanin creation inside melanocytes. Moreover, when irritation happens, bright (UV) radiation actuates the development of responsive oxygen species and melanogenic factors in the skin. Hence, repressing melanin union includes smothering tyrosinase action as well as tending to irritation.

Allegedly, certain mixtures got from regular plants can repress melanin creation. In any case, their utilization in beauty care products is many times restricted because of worries about the impacts of their phenolic parts, which might affect wellbeing and solidness. Some unpredictable regular glucoside compounds were recently perceived essentially as aroma forerunners, yet it has now been seen that they can be utilized as skin brightening specialists in beauty care products. β-Raspberry ketone glucoside, which is promptly separated by normal skin microbes, displays areas of strength for an impact on the age of melanin in B16 melanocyte cells. β-Raspberry ketone glucoside can forestall aggravation instigated by UV radiation, in this way hindering melanin creation brought about by UV radiation and advancing the end of melanin. Raspberry Ketone Glucoside can create a brightening outcome in a brief timeframe and has a more grounded brightening impact contrasted with the usually utilized tyrosinase action inhibitor, arbutin.

Raspberry Ketone Glucoside for Skin

For example, β-Raspberry ketone glucoside, stand out in the restorative business because of their expected advantages for healthy skin and corrective items. These advantages Raspberry Ketone Glucoside might include:

  • Skin Brightening: It is known for their skin brightening properties. They can hinder melanin creation in melanocytes, which are the cells liable for skin pigmentation. This can assist with decreasing the presence of dull spots, hyperpigmentation, and lopsided complexion, prompting a more brilliant and all the more even composition.

  • Mitigating Impacts: It might have calming properties. They can assist with mitigating skin aggravation, making them appropriate for items intended to alleviate bothered or delicate skin. Irritation is frequently connected with skin conditions like redness and skin break out, so decreasing aggravation can add to a better and more clear composition.

  • Cancer prevention agent Insurance: The product, as other regular mixtures, have cell reinforcement properties. Cancer prevention agents assist with shielding the skin from oxidative pressure and free extreme harm brought about by factors like UV radiation and ecological toxins. This assurance can support keeping up with skin wellbeing and forestalling untimely maturing.

  • Solidness and Security: It is viewed as more steady and safe for restorative utilize contrasted with some other skin-easing up specialists. Their soundness is significant in keeping up with the viability of restorative items over the long run. Besides, their moderately low potential for unfavorable responses or skin refinement settles on them a favored decision in superficial details.

  • Microbiome-Friendly: Some raspberry glycosides are known to be effectively separated by normal skin microorganisms, making them microbiome-accommodating. This implies they can be utilized without disturbing the normal equilibrium of skin microorganisms, which is significant for by and large skin wellbeing.

Raspberry Ketone Glucoside Powder Applications

Suitable for advanced whitening, freckle removal, anti-aging and conditioning cosmetics. It will have better results if add Vitamin E, sunscreen agent-1789, BL-200 and bisabolol to the formula. Raspberry glycosides can be used in conjunction with other whitening agents to achieve synergistic effects.

Packing and Storage

Package: 1~5Kg packaged in Aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Paper drum, with two plastic bags inside.


Storage: We always advise plant extract powder, pharmaceutical intermediates powder, cosmetics powder stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight and oxidizing agents.

As a professional Raspberry Ketone Glucoside manufacturer, XI AN CHEN LANG BIO TECH CO., LTD has been constantly upgrading the production process. We firmly believe that good product quality and competitive price in market will help customers make good terminal products and help customers win a lasting and broad market. Please send inquiry to Email: admin@chenlangbio.com if you want to buy skin whitening powder.

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