Lactobionic Acid

Lactobionic Acid

Name: Lactobionic Acid
CAS: 96-82-2
Purity: 98%+
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum, 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag
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Functions: Cosmetics Raw Material
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Product Introduction

What is Lactobionic acid

Lactobionic acid, an essential compound in the domain of skincare and drugs, epitomizes a captivating mix of science and health. This complex acid, getting from the oxidation of lactose or galactose, has gathered consideration for its humectant, cell reinforcement, and chelating properties, making it a loved fixing in different applications.

In the realm of skincare, it sparkles as a delicate yet compelling polyhydroxy acid (PHA). Dissimilar to its partners, AHAs and BHAs, which could disturb delicate skin, it offers a milder shedding, sloughing off dead skin cells to uncover a smoother, more brilliant coloring. Its enormous atomic design dials back entrance, lessening the gamble of bothering, making it reasonable for practically all skin types, incorporating those with delicate or rosacea-inclined skin. Moreover, its powerful humectant properties bring dampness into the skin, giving hydration and upgrading skin's hindrance capability.

Past skincare, it tracks down its spot in the clinical field, especially in organ transplantation and wound recuperating. Its chelating skill to tie and kill metal particles makes it important in safeguarding organ feasibility and decreasing oxidative pressure in tissues, accordingly further developing transplantation results. Besides, its regenerative properties speed up injury recuperating, advancing tissue fix and lessening scarring.

The cell reinforcement limit of lactobionic acid can't be put into words. By killing free extremists, it safeguards against oxidative pressure and ecological aggressors, adding to skin wellbeing and life span. This characteristic, combined with its non-bothering nature, makes this powder a favored fixing in definitions pointed toward reviving and keeping up with sound skin.

It stands apart for its delicate shedding, predominant hydration, and defensive characteristics against oxidative harm. Its flexibility reaches out from upgrading skin excellence to assuming a basic part in clinical medicines, delineating the convergence of science and wellbeing in working on personal satisfaction. As exploration advances, the likely uses of this powder keep on extending, promising energizing improvements in both skincare and medication.

Lactobionic acid supplier. It is a kind of fruit acid, which refers to the acid formed by replacing the terminal hydroxyl group on lactose with carboxyl group. The structure of this powder has eight groups of hydrogen and oxygen water groups, which can be combined with water molecules. Has a certain pore cleaning function.

It is the most advanced fruit acid that integrates various excellent functions such as repairing, anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and promoting skin r


Basic Information


Lactobionic Acid

Other Name

4-O-beta-D-Galactopyranosyl-D-gluconic acid

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight









25Kg/Paper drum

Lactobionic Acid Skin Benefits

●Strong Cancer prevention agent:

Itself exists in the human body, and its solid cell reinforcement impact has for quite some time been utilized in organ transplantation to keep organs from being harmed by free revolutionaries and increment organ protection. With regards to clinical cosmetology, it is additionally utilized in enemy of maturing upkeep, which can keep the phone film from being oxidized and harmed, and has a similar impact as L-ascorbic acid and gluconic acid.

●High water maintenance and high water ingestion:

The design of this powder contains eight gatherings of hydrogen and oxygen water bases, which can hold an enormous number of water particles. Its water holding reach can go from skin gel network to water particles disintegrated at room temperature, and it can keep a tight association state for quite a while. The saturating impact is far more prominent than that of glycolic acid, lactic acid, citrus extract and gluconic acid. Tests have shown that every unit of this powder can assimilate around 70 grams of water, and the water maintenance can arrive at 55 grams.

Indeed, even the most ordinarily utilized saturating fixings like glycerin and sorbitol have lower water maintenance and water ingestion than this powder.

●Advance digestion and speed up skin recharging:

Like any remaining hydroxy acids, lactose acid additionally speeds up cell recharging, advancing skin digestion, and advancing dermal grid and collagen creation, making skin energetic and stout.

●Gentle and non-aggravating, safe and non-harmful:

In a bothering trial of 14 days of consistent use, the exploratory gathering of this powder + gluconic acid barely made any aggravation the skin, and its gentleness was similar to that of ordinary saline. It is an exceptionally gentle and safe fixing, reasonable for a wide range of skin as long haul support.

●Skin Fix:

Since it additionally advances epithelial development and speeding up injury mending, it can without a doubt forestall dry skin and fix skin for fragile skin after clinical corrective medical procedure like laser.


Lactobionic acid, a disaccharide framed by the oxidation of lactose, has gathered critical consideration in different fields because of its novel properties. This polyhydroxy acid (PHA) is eminent for its saturating, cell reinforcement, and abilities to chelate, making it a flexible fixing with many applications. Here, we'll investigate a portion of the key regions where it is having an effect.

Beauty care products and Skincare

One of the essential utilizations of the powder is in the beauty care products and skincare industry. Because of its magnificent water-restricting limit, it is a strong cream that keeps up with skin hydration. This is especially advantageous in enemy of maturing items, as it supports decreasing the presence of scarcely discernible differences and kinks by plumping up the skin. Additionally, its cancer prevention agent properties help to kill free extremists, shielding the skin from harm brought about by ecological stressors like UV radiation and contamination. Its delicate nature likewise makes it reasonable for delicate skin types, assisting with calming and fix the skin boundary.


In the drug business, it is utilized for its chelating properties. It can shape stable edifices with metal particles, which is helpful in detoxifying the body of specific metal toxins and medications. Furthermore, it's utilized in organ transplantation and conservation arrangements, for example, in Viaspan or Belzer arrangement, to assist with keeping up with the organ suitability during transport and capacity. This is because of its capacity to forestall cell harm and decrease oxidative pressure, consequently broadening the life expectancy of the organ outside the body.

Food Industry

It likewise tracks down applications in the food business as a food added substance and additive because of its cell reinforcement properties. It can assist with broadening the time span of usability of food items by forestalling oxidation, which is liable for the decay of food quality. Besides, its security profile and non-harmful nature pursue it a favored decision over manufactured additives, lining up with the developing shopper interest for normal fixings in food items.

Biodegradable Polymers

The field of biodegradable polymers is another region where it is making progress. Because of its construction, it very well may be utilized to orchestrate biodegradable plastics and gels that have likely applications in bundling, farming (as sluggish delivery composts), and, surprisingly, in the clinical field for drug conveyance frameworks. These polymers are intended to break down into non-harmful, harmless to the ecosystem substances after their valuable life, offering a maintainable option in contrast to customary plastics.


The different utilizations of lactobionic acid across different enterprises feature its flexibility and potential for future developments. Its capacity to hydrate, safeguard, and save makes it a significant fixing in beauty care products, drugs, and food items, while its job in biodegradable polymers presents a thrilling road for ecological manageability. As exploration keeps on uncovering new purposes and advantages of this powder, its importance in both current and future applications is ready to develop.

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