NAG N Acetyl Glucosamine

NAG N Acetyl Glucosamine

Name: N Acetyl Glucosamine
Other Name: GlcNAC; NAG
CAS: 7512-17-6
Water Solubility: Highly soluble in water
Appearance: White Powder
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Paper drum
Stock: 600 Kg
Ship Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
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Product Introduction

We are NAG N Acetyl Glucosamine supplier and manufacturer. N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) is an amide derivative of the monosaccharide glucose. It is included by inci (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient). Studies have shown that acetylglucosamine can promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in human skin in cosmetic applications, and it can improve pigmentation when combined with nicotinamide.

About Us:

XI AN CHEN LANG BIO TECH CO., LTD is a world-renowned biotechnology company and biomaterials company. Driven by extracted and synthetic biology technology, the company is committed to continuously improving the quality of life, prolonging the length of life, and bringing a healthy, beautiful and happy life experience to human beings. The company's business currently covers bioactive raw materials, functional skin care raw materials, and functional food raw materials. The company is the world's largest hyaluronic acid research and development, production and sales enterprise, and we also big manufacturer of Ectoine, Ergothioneine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Collagen, NMN, NAD, NR. Our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries.

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★We have our own magnolia raw material planting base, from the source to control the quality, in order to ensure the continuous stability and quality of raw materials;

★Our powder can pass “Third party testing”, we can test again if you order big quantity;

★Our company has successively passed BRC system certification, cGMP system certification, national laboratory (CNAS) certification,ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001 and so on.

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Cosmetics, health food


25Kg/Paper drum

N Acetyl Glucosamine Skincare:

Hyaluronic acid is very popular in skincare products, because: it’s responsible for keeping your skin soft and rejuvenated. Since NAG N Acetyl Glucosamine builds hyaluronic acid and other elastic polymers, it may keep skin looks younger, anti-wrinkle and soft.

●Removes Skin Spots:

Acetylglucosamine has a certain repairing effect on the skin, and when combined with niacinamide, it can exert a very good skin care effect. Therefore, when developing skin care products, these two ingredients are usually added together to achieve brightening Skin tone, improving dull skin, exfoliating and inhibiting melanin production.

The addition of high concentration of acetylglucosamine can promote wound healing, and the addition of appropriate concentration of acetylglucosamine to skin care products can play a certain role in skin care.

●Prevent Photoaging:

Acetylglucosamine reduces the activity of matrix metalloproteinases induced by ultraviolet radiation by inhibiting the propagation pathways of calcium-dependent NF-KB and other signals, thereby inhibiting the degradation of collagen and extracellular matrix by metalloproteinases, so as to relieve skin relaxation and Reduces wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing factor. Collagen in the human body is mainly composed of fibroblasts and keratinocytes. It is a moisturizing ingredient between the stratum corneum and the dermis. Hyaluronic acid has been reported to decrease with age. However, the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid is large, and the effect of topical application or oral administration is not good. The addition of acetylglucosamine increases the production of hyaluronic acid in the stratum corneum, but has no effect on the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis, but it can increase the proliferation of fibroblasts and the expression of collagen.

●Promote normal exfoliation of aging cutin:

NAG can bind to the lectin-like glycoprotein CD44 on keratin, interfere with the binding and adhesion of keratinocytes, and promote the normal exfoliation of the aged stratum corneum.

NAG N Acetyl Glucosamine has comprehensive effects in cosmetics, such as moisturizing, whitening and brightening, exfoliating, and anti-aging effects. There are also examples of the application of NAG in the market. In terms of moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging effects, you can consider adding this ingredient.

Package and Delivery:

★1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

★25Kg/paper drum.★We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss the date of delivery.