Idebenone Powder

Idebenone Powder

Name: Idebenone
Appearance: Yellow crystalline or crystalline powder
MOQ: 100g
Package: 1Kg/foil bag, 25Kg/paper drum
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Product Introduction

Idebenone Powder is an organic compound, extremely insoluble in water, very soluble in chloroform, methanol or anhydrous ethanol, soluble in ethyl acetate, insoluble in hexane. It is an intelligent promotion drug developed by Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry Co., LTD., Japan in 1986. 

It is a new specific drug for senile dementia and improving brain function metabolism and mental symptoms. It can activate mitochondrial function, improve brain metabolism and brain dysfunction, improve the utilization rate of glucose in the brain and promote ATP production. It can improve the metabolism of neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine in brain, and has strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging effect.  


More Basic Information of Idebenone:





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100g, 200g, 500, 1Kg

What is idebenone used for?

●Idebenone powder is most commonly used for Alzheimer disease, an inherited disorder that causes vision loss (Leber hereditary optic neuropathy), and a specific type of inherited disorder that causes muscle weakness and muscle loss (Duchenne muscular dystrophy). It can improve subjective symptoms, language, anxiety, depression, memory loss, intelligence decline and other mental behavior disorders;

●It is a new specific drug for senile dementia and improving brain function metabolism and mental symptoms;

●It can used in skin care products:

★Free radical eliminator:

Idebenone has strong free scavenging ability among several common antioxidants.  At the same concentration, idebenone has similar scavenging ability of DPPH and AAPH as water-soluble vitamin E, and its scavenging ability of ABTS free radical, tyrosine free radical and peroxynitro anion is 50% of water-soluble vitamin E.

Idebenone Suppression of light damage

★Suppression of light damage:

★Inhibits melanin production:

The inhibitory effect of idebenone powder on melanin was positively correlated with its dosage.  The effect of high concentration of idebenone was similar to hydroquinone.  After a certain dilution, the inhibitory effect of hydroquinone on melanin disappeared, while low concentration of idebenone still showed inhibitory effect.