Fenbendazole Powder

Fenbendazole Powder

Name: Fenbendazole
CAS: 43210-67-9
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Product Introduction

Fenbendazole Powder Introction

Fenbendazole powder provider and maker. It is one of our primary items. It broadly utilized in Xi'An Chen Lang Bio Tech Co., Ltd fundamentally maker remove powder, substance engineered powder, consistently utilized in food, drink, restorative, and drug. We have great control: Our innovative work branch of organization is driven by professionals and specialists with over 15 years' functioning experience. Organization's quality control place is furnished with imported superior execution fluid chromatograph - evaporative light-dissipating finder (HPLC - ELSD), nuclear fluorescence photometer (AFS), bright noticeable spectrophotometer (UV), microbiological testing gear, fast dampness meter, etc.

The product is an expansive range anthelmintic drug generally utilized in veterinary medication to treat different parasitic diseases in creatures. It has a place with the benzimidazole class of mixtures and is successful against a scope of interior parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and specific kinds of tapeworms.

This fine white powder is figured out for oral organization and works by upsetting the microtubule structure in the parasites' cells, at last prompting their loss of motion and demise. Its method of activity creates it profoundly viable in killing different gastrointestinal worms and other inward parasites that can hurt the wellbeing of creatures.

Fenbendazole powder is ordinarily utilized in domesticated animals, pets, and zoo creatures to control and treat parasitic diseases, working on the general wellbeing and prosperity of the creatures. It is known for its wellbeing and viability while utilized by legitimate measurement rules and under veterinary watch.

Lately, the product has earned consideration for its true capacity off-name use in specific human wellbeing applications, especially in the area of oncology. A few examinations and narrative reports recommend that it may have antitumor properties and might actually supplement customary disease medicines, albeit further exploration is expected to comprehend its systems and viability in this setting completely.

In general, fenbendazole powder is a significant device in veterinary medication for fighting parasitic contaminations in creatures. Its expansive range movement, wellbeing profile, and simplicity of organization pursue it a confided in decision for tending to inner parasite pervasions and advancing the soundness of creatures across different species.

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The product is organic compounds, it is white or off white powder.

This product is dissolvable in dimethyl sulfoxide, marginally solvent in methanol, insoluble in water, solvent in frosty acidic corrosive. This is a wide range benzimidazole anthelmintic, powerful against gastrointestinal parasites.

Basic Information



Molecular FormulaC15H13N3O2S
Molecular Weight299.348
Melting point233℃
Refractive index1.709
UsageWidely used in veterinary drug


1Kg package


25Kg powder inside package


Finished package

Clinical use

Fenbendazole powder for felines, the product for canines is a benzimidazole anthelmintic, not just has a high insecticidal movement against grown-ups and hatchlings of gastrointestinal nematodes, yet in addition has a decent impact against nematodes, accident and tapeworms, as well as major areas of strength for an activity.

●Sheep: It is exceptionally powerful against the grown-up and hatchling of sheep hemocelluodes, osteriasis, strongylodes, Cypress nematodes, nematodes, stomatodes, chabot nematodes, bristly shaggy nematodes and nematodes.

●Cattles: The anti-agents range of steers is generally like that of sheep, and a higher portion is expected for trematode.

●Horse: It goodly affects parasarascaris equis, grown-ups and hatchlings of Equine apical tail worm, viviparous Prechenella vulgaris, Strongylodes vulgaris, Strongylodes agentata, Roundylodes equis and little roundylodes;


●Pigs: It significantly affects grown-up and hatchlings of ascaris suis, Strongylodes rubiformis and oesophageal stomatodes.

●Canines and Felines: It meaningfully affects ancylostoma Canis, trichocephalus nematodes and roundworm.

Wild creatures: It is really great for contamination Osteriasis, Cuprimatodes, Strongylodes, Trichostrongylodes, lungworms. All great impact on Avian roundworm, sawthorn nematode, capillaria and trematode.

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★1~10 Kg packaged by aluminum bags, and 25 Kg paper drum.


★Shelf Life: 24 Months.