Emodin Aloe Vera

Emodin Aloe Vera

Name: Emodin
Other Name: Aloeemodin
Specifications: 50%, 95%
Extract from: Aloe Vera
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 1Kg/Alluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Paper drum
Stock: 300 Kg
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Product Introduction

Aloe Vera

Emodin aloe vera is the very important contents of aloe vera extract powder. Common spec is 95%.It is widely used in food, drugs and cosmetics products. Aloe extract is very popular in daily life, it is colour less liquid, but it is not storage, so we always dry it in powder. It is more stabilize than liquid form. Active ingredients are aloin, rhabarberone and so on.

Other NameRhabarberone
Extract fromAloe Vera
Molecular FormulaC15H10O5
CAS481-72-1 /13241-28-6
Molecular Weight270.2369

Main Functions of Aloe emodin:

●It has effect on bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Aloe emodin has function of bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. Aloe's bactericidal and anti-inflammatory functions can effectively eliminate acne and acne. Clinically used in the treatment of a variety of inflammation, and have significant curative effect.

●It is good for stomach. Aloe emodin glycoside is a derivative of anthraquinone glycoside. 

●Many researchers pay much attention on the function of anti-cancer of emodin. It is a new type of anticancer agent with selective sctivity. It can inhibit the compound of DNA, RNA, protein of cancer cell, so it can anti-cancer.

●It can improve body immunity.

●It can weight Loss. 

What Applications of it?

●Used in medicine grade

Aloe polysaccharide, which has been produced by Carrington Laboratories in the United States, has been approved for the treatment of HUMAN AIDS. According to Dr. W.w. Winters of the University of Texas Health Science Center, aloe vera contains at least 140 components that can control cell growth and differentiation, combat infection, stimulate white blood cells and other immune cells, and promote callus. The Japanese Journal of Cancer Research reports that aloe vera contains at least three anti-tumor substances, namely cannabinoids, mannose and lectins. Aloe vera also has the functions of enhancing immunity, promoting intestinal peristalsis, preventing radiation and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, aloe vera is widely used in surgery, ent, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and in the treatment of cancer, geriatric diseases, and so on.


Emodin used in medicine grade 


Aloe vera extract used in natural cosmetics products


Help prevent cardiovascular diseases

●Emodin Aloe Vera Used in Cosmetics Products

There are records of aloe vera as a beauty product from ancient in China. Aloe vera juice is a natural extract containing a variety of beneficial moisturizing and nutritional ingredients. Because aloe contains glucose, mannose, uronic acid, calcium, hydration protease, hormone, hormone, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, and therefore has the nutrition moisture, sun protection, hair care, and at the same time, it has an obvious functions Softe the skin, convergence pores, prevention and treatment of acne, make your skin looks very younger and beautiful.

●Used in healthcare foods and beverages products:

Aloe contains more than 20 amino acids and trace elements, it contains emodin aloe vera, strontium, germanium and so on, it has function to bactericidal anti-inflammatory, improve body immunity, eliminating toxic free radicals, relieve constipation, reduce blood lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure, improve circulatory system, increase appetite, improve sleep quality and so on.