Skin Whitening 3-O-ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Skin Whitening 3-O-ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Name: 3-O-Ethyl ascorbic Acid
Appearance: White Powder
CAS: 86404-04-8
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Product Introduction

Production Introduction

Skin Whitening 3-O-ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a very useful vitamin C derivatives, it is not only very stable in chemically , is not changing color of the C derivatives of living organisms, and is oleophilic hydrophilic amphoteric substances, which greatly expands its scope of application, especially in the daily chemistry applications. 

We are the world's largest producer of Vitamin C derivatives, Accordance with the GMP standard production, our MAP powder exports to many countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea , including the global top 500 cosmetics companies, we make long-term cooperation, and receive good feedback in the market.Production Functions

CAS 86404-04-8 Skin Benefits:

●After entering the dermis,skin whitening 3-O-ethyl Ascorbic Acid directly participates in the synthesis of collagen, repairing the activity of skin cells, increasing the collagen, thus making the skin full and elastic, and making the skin delicate and smooth;

●Inhibit tyrosinase activity, inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce melanin to colorless, efficient whitening skin;

●It has excellent antioxidant effect in cosmetics and ensures the availability of VC. Compared with VC, VC ethyl ether is very stable and does not change color.  Truly achieve whitening and anti-freckle effect;

●Skin Whitening brightening agent 3-O-ethyl Ascorbic Acid with oil - and hydrophilic structure, easy to be absorbed by skin, can be directly to the dermis;

●Strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, anti-inflammation caused by light.

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